Rethinking school days

Our original plan for homeschooling Quinland over here was to do a few hours of school five days a week, and to go all the way through July. We are rethinking this plan. Once we get going on school work, it feels like we are stopping right as we are getting momentum, for one thing. For another, by the time we finish school time in the morning, it feels as though we have lost a big chunk of the day that we could otherwise be getting out and seeing stuff and going places.

The new plan: two full days and one half-day of school each week. This will be the same amount of time as we had originally planned, but will give us a full four-and-a-half days to get out and do things. I think it will make us all happier.

We also dropped the bomb on Quinland today that she is not going to public home school, but to Catholic home school. To say she was shocked would be putting it mildly. She was upset that we didn’t ask her if she wanted to go to Catholic school, but I told her that she didn’t get to decide. See, the religious education program at church provides us with weekly materials that we are supposed to work on together as a family, but we rarely do so, because no one can really muster much enthusiasm for the program. I found a really cool book on Catholicism at Goodwill a couple of months ago that is actually a Catholic high school textbook, and I decided that it would make a good religion class curriculum for the trip. We took it up to a park this afternoon and started in on the first chapter. Quinland interrupted my reading of it to ask, “Is this just a little bit cheesy?” We answered in the affirmative, and that was that.

Funny note: One of the questions for discussion was, “How has your understanding of communion changed since you made your First Communion?” Quinland’s answer: “How should I know? If you wanted to know what I thought it meant when I was seven, you would have had to ask me when I was seven! I can’t tell you now what I thought back then!” We were walking down the street at the time, and David, who was in front, turned around and said, “My genes.”

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that Quinland has been able to Skype regularly with Hannah. She is missing home, and getting see actually see and talk to Hannah has been such a blessing.
  • Lighten Up – I’m just taking it easy right now, trying not to have too many expectations.
  • Lighten My Heart – I had a good day with Quinland today. She makes me laugh so much.
  • Lighten My Life – Did another load of laundry, did dishes twice, cooked a good dinner, worked on blogs.
  • Lighten the Load – Started in on Q’s Portugal book lessons and religion lessons – gotta use those books up ASAP!
  • Lighten Myself – Slept late, ate well, took a long nap – and was able to take a walk around the neighborhood with D & Q.

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