Day 6 – Fun and games

Day 6 = March 17, 2012

Poor David. He is surrounded by girls who don’t want to do anything but sleep. I want to sleep because I have been staying up til all hours blogging, and Q wants to sleep because she is sick, sick, sick. Needless to say, we slept late Saturday morning… and David really wanted to go to the famous flea market, Feira da Ladra, which is only held on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

We didn’t make it there.

The next scheduled event was Game Day, the second half of the monthly game extravaganza at the Sporting Lisbon stadium mall place. That started at 3 PM, and David did not want to be late, so he wanted to get going. He suggested that we meet up with him there when we were ready to go. Quinland – who loves game days – said that she could be ready really quickly. I – who know when I am beaten – said I would take my time, get some things done around the house, and meet them up there before dark. Good job, me.

So I had a lovely afternoon puttering around the apartment. I tidied up, washed dishes, sorted school materials, figured out how to use the most unusual washing machine I’d ever encountered, hung my washing on the line attached to the balcony – a first for me! I didn’t drop any to the ground far below!

David's quote: "The revolution will not be digital."

Then I journeyed north to the land of board games. This was my first time traveling solo in Lisbon, and it went off without a hitch. When I got to the stadium, both David and Quinland were deep into their respective games, so I decided to check out the mall stores (both of them). In the back of one, I discovered a treasury of discount luggage. Hmmm…. just what I need. A nice rolling bag to replace all my little backpacks, and for only 25 euros, too! I didn’t buy anything, but I did take David and Quinland over later to share my great find.

Speaking of great finds, the cinema at the stadium will be showing The Hunger Games on March 22nd! That’s an entire day early! Whoo, hoo! We may or may not go to that theater, since it’s quite a way from where we live, but at least we know it is here.

After a pizza dinner in the food court (which made both Quinland and I sick later), I found a guy who knew a guy who had a copy of Agricola with him at the Game Day. David and I paired up with another couple and I raced to a decisive victory. I say this proudly because I rarely beat David at Agricola, but he was so busy teaching the game to the girl on his left that I was able to win. Hooray!

We took off after that to catch the subway home before it closed, and we had another late night on the computer. Or, at least, I did. It’s hard to fit in computer time at any other time than late at night, and I am really trying to catch up on the blog. I did set an alarm for Mass the next morning, so we’d actually get up at a reasonable time for once!

Expenditures: Pizza dinner at the stadium, hamburger lunch for Q.

Experiences: Running the washing machine (top loading, but with a cheese-grater-style drum), hanging washing from the terrace, taking the subway alone, playing Agricola with the pieces from the Goodies box.

One thought on “Day 6 – Fun and games

  1. Dear Lori,

    Thanks for keeping up this blog at a loss of sleep for yourself. I am so grateful as it is a wonderful feeling of being connected to the three of you while you’re traveling! This portion of the trip is also one I relate to having been to some of the same sites just a year ago.

    Get some rest and I hope you can arrange a massage soon!
    Love you,


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