Day 10 – Boring old Wednesday

Day 10 – March 21, 2012

It’s a school day, folks! That means we are not going anywhere or doing anything, so get ready for all the exciting details.

Q spent the day doing math, reading about Portuguese history, and working on her Hunger Games Prezi. David searched for lodgings in Barcelona and I shopped, did laundry and tidied up. I appear to be living in the 1950’s.

Quinland’s hives are somewhat better. I went to a different farmacia and got an antihistamine. Tonight when Q took it, she said, “At the rate we’re going, this will be the one that kills me.”

I was really beat after yesterday, so I took a long nap and stayed home while David and Quinland went to Game Night. Our landlord came to make some minor repairs and he and I had a nice chat about the apartment, his CD collection (all 80s and 90s indie music – yes, we like) and Lisbon cinemas.

This got me all fired-up about the Hunger Games premiere, so I edited photos and watched Hunger Games videos until D & Q came home… with the news that there was a General Strike in Lisbon, starting right then. In fact, they’d had to get a ride home as the subway had stopped running. Of course, we are nowhere near a cinema, so we will not get to see the film a day earlier than the US, as we had hoped. Very sad!

Here are a couple of photos from the Castelo that I forgot to add to Tuesday’s post:

Quinland took this one of David and me.
I may have poisoned her, but she still loves me.

Expenditures: None; we never left the apartment. (Edit: No, wait! I went to the pharmacy and got an antihistamine, and to the grocery store as well. Whew! I was a bit worried.)

Experiences: None whatsoever. (We don’t sugarcoat the truth at this blog!)

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