Day 11 – Ridicula

Day 11 = March 22, 2012

We had originally planned to have a sightseeing day today, but there was a general strike, so all transport was closed. We decided to make it a school day instead, so now we are ahead by a day!

I love these mellow days. David is so torn by his desire to see and do everything, but I don’t care. I figure we will see a lot of Portugal along the way, even if we don’t make a supreme effort to see it all. I am more than willing to kick Barcelona’s behind, because we are only going to be there for five days and there is so much to see. But here, where we are living for three weeks, I see no need to rush.

Q got burned out on homework after a long day and just wanted to sleep, but David convinced her to play a game of Agricola.

We brought one box of games, about the size of a Trivial Pursuit box. Inside, we have For Sale, Ligretto, Dominion, and a skeleton set of Agricola. For the uninitiated, let me assure you that Agricola is the best board game on earth. Each of you is a farmer, and you have to develop your farm, improve your home, feed your family, do a little animal husbandry, planet some crops, have babies… You get the idea. Anyway, it rocks, and I had to have it with us, but the real game has wooden pieces and weighs a ton. To save weight, we brought printed-paper game boards and just the basic cards, and that’s it. We figured we would make do with whatever we could find for the rest of the pieces.

So to play today, we had to use some ingenuity. We dragged some plastic bottle caps out of the trash for player pieces, cut up bits of cardboard out of the recycling bag to use as goods and food, and used some plastic blocks I have with me as well. It was awesome. Quinland named it “Ridicula.”

That girl cracks me up about a thousand times a day.

David was White Bottle Caps, Q was Blue Bottle Caps, and I was Tealights. Check out our matchstick fences at the very top of the photo!

Expenditures: Lunch downstairs again. We are working our way through their menu, and they are teaching us about Portuguese food. It’s a win-win.

Experiences: Had a lovely grilled salmon steak. Mmmmm….  Made some bacalho (salted cod – the traditional Portuguese dish) for dinner. Quinland says it is her new best friend.

4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Ridicula

  1. Sounds like you all are having a great time. You will have to warn q that he will be slumming it at my home in newmarket, when comparing it to luxury of your lisbon apartment 🙂


  2. Your style of writing continues to amuse, entertain and inspire me. I’m so glad we have these oddly named “blogs” so you can share your adventure. Quinland is so lucky!!! (well, expect for the whole hive incident). You really should think about writing professionally…or at least submitting this blog for an award or something. You’re crazy talented!


    1. You are such a sweetheart! What a treat to see you here. Hope all is well for you guys – I think about you often and hope we can see each other when my next travels take me down there.
      xo – Lori


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