Day 18 – Takin’ care of business

Day 18 = March 29, 2012 – Thursday

This is the day David declared that we would do everything we were putting off.

He called our old friend Ana Paula’s mom. This involved speaking a great deal of Portuguese, but with the help of a couple of phrase book’s, he got Ana Paula’s work number and called her. Since she was at work, they made plans to speak later that evening.

I booked a rental car for our drive to the North, having searched long and hard to find an incredible website with incredible deals. I was quite proud of myself. I also emailed people about upcoming places we want to visit.

Q worked on math for most of the day, quite willingly. David brought a fantastic math book with us to supplement what she is doing at school, but it is heavy, and we want to leave it behind when we leave Portugal. She then helped me plan our next-day’s journey to Sintra.

We lunched at our favorite tasca downstairs. I had lovely Porcu do Portuguesa, David had mixed grill, and Quinland had her favorite bitoque. Dessert was baked apples. Mmmmm…. The Portuguese seem to eat fruit for dessert quite often. Fruit salad is always on the dessert menu, right next to cakes and pastries.

We made a quick stop at the post office (Correios) across the street for postcard stamps, then Q and I went back up while David ran to Pingo Doce at the station for groceries for dinner.

The bottom of our little street; the red you see in front of us is the post office. We live in the yellow building, top two windows on the left (not the dormers!).
A less-frequently seen view from the top of our little street down to the river. You can see our yellow building; we are the top windows.

When David came back up, we tried to keep making plans, but I kept falling asleep. D finally gave up, and I took an hours-long nap, only to be awakened by AC/DC. Apparently David and Quinland were having a classic rock and Dominion marathon in my absence. Speaking of music, Q is obsessed with playing “We Are Young” over and over on YouTube. I told her that song is her generation’s “Forever Young,” which I keep singing to her. David is surprised that a) I remember the words to it and b) that that is what the words are. I have also been singing “Safety Dance,” but no one knows why. Portugal is bringing out the 80’s in me.

Since I slept all afternoon, I was assigned dinner duty. I cooked a chicken which came  all cut down the middle and splayed out. It turned out rather well. I didn’t eat any, because I was not feeling well. Upon awakening, I had proclaimed what has become one of Quinland’s favorite quotes of the trip: “I am never eating food again, because I don’t feel like eating food.”

It rained on my clothesline clothes.

David called Ana Paula back and they had a nice chat. Hopefully we will see her while we are here, although her schedule sounds pretty busy. She emailed us with our friend Elisa’s contact info as well.

Overall, it was an all-around productive day. Q says that we can excuse all the Dominion games, because at school she gets breaks for electives. Unfortunately, since I had napped, I had all kinds of energy to blog after David and Quinland went to bed. Then I discovered I had too much energy. I COULD NOT SLEEP and ended up staying awake until 5 am. Again. Argh….

Expenditures: Postcard stamps, groceries.

Experiences: Using the Portuguese oven and connecting with old friends. David got to speak a lot of Portuguese!

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