We did not fall off the face of the earth

I admit it. I am a zillion days behind on this blog.

I should try some kind of a poll. I love polls and I have never tried one in a blog, so here you go:

Today is Pulse Steroids Day, so after lying in bed very carefully for a number of hours, twitching, I am sitting around with some energy. I will try to slam some of my draft posts into something resembling completion. I will pretend that I have a huge paper due tomorrow for a college class, a paper that I have not yet started even though I have had a month to work on it. (Not like I have years of practice at that or anything…) David and Quinland are out on the town – Munich, his pride and joy – so I will not even have competition for the laptop. Life is good.

Love to all.

xo – Lori

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