Day 21 – Free Museum Sunday

Then, one day, I stopped writing the travel blog. People had to wait ages to find out anything about our whereabouts. For all they knew, we were still sitting in our Lisbon apartment, drinking up all of Miguel’s free wine.

But no… actually, we have left Lisbon and have had sketchy internet availability ever since. Our internet is still sketchy here (as I sit in the laundry room of the Hannover youth hostel), but I have drafts of the past 21 days, so I am determined to post something for you. Let’s see if I can polish any of those puppies into shape.

For now, cast your mind back to Sunday, April 1, 2012. We are in Lisbon. You are very sleepy….

Day 21 = April 1, 2012

I woke up Sunday morning too sad to do anything. See the Lighten Up! blog if you want details.

David and Quinland spent the day going to art museums. (On Sundays in Lisbon, many museums are free if you get there by 2 pm, so we’d saved a bunch of museums for this very day.) With a jam-packed day ahead of them, they ran from our apartment to Santa Apolónia to get the bus to Santos. Not sure where to catch it, they ran through the station, went under the street by underpass, popped up – and were on the wrong side. They had to race back down, across, and up, but made it just in time. They walked up a hill to the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and checked out the permanent collection – both of them loved the room that contained a massive Hieronymus Bosch, a Lucas Cranach, and an Albrecht Durer – and the temporary exhibit on sacred art, which they say is not too impressive. Other highlights: a ceramic violin and a Portuguese six-panel St. Vincent.


On the way up the hill, they had seen that there was a bus running on that same street that went to Saldanha, the neighborhood they were heading to next. As they stepped out of the Museu de Arte Antiga, there it was! They rode the bus to Saldanha to see the Gulbenkian museums, but first they went to a pastelaria and got Quinland’s “favorite pastry of the entire trip!” which was eaten in the park with the ubiquitous ham-and-cheese sandwiches. When I asked what they saw at the Gulbenkian, I was told, “Monet, Manet, Renoir, and some really nice furniture. Islamic tiles, Roman coins… the Lalique stuff was really nice, and there was a nice statue of Diana.”


From there, they went to the CAM (Centro do Arte Moderne), where they fell in love with the Beatriz Milhazes found-paper art (flower designs), and some nice early Cubist and Dada stuff. Quinland really liked a sculpture of a ball with “strings” that were actually supporting it.

Q checking out the Beatriz Milhazes exhibit.


Expenditures: Two full-day bus passes and a pastry.

Experiences: Bus transfers, new areas of Lisbon to explore, crazy-cool art.

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