Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Braga

Braga, which has been called “the Rome of Portugal,” is famous for its Holy Week processions. Crowds line the streets as the parades – which include hundreds of people themselves, some no older than five or six – pass by. One procession portrays the Flight into Egypt; one, the Passion of Christ; one, the Crucifixion.

I have been looking at photos for a week, trying to edit them into some semblance of something that would convey what one of the  processions actually looked like. It was difficult to take pictures at all, given the crowds (many of whom were jostling to take their own photos) and a desire not to disrupt the very solemn atmosphere. You basically just held the camera above your head, pushed the button and hoped for the best.

I’ll warn you that they are badly composed and out of focus and horribly lit. Now that I’ve gotten you excited to see the photos (yikes!), let us proceed. 

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