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I am a lunatic when it comes to calendars. Pun completely intended (lunacy = intermittent periods of insanity based on the stages of the moon).

I love them. I love them as much as I love any paper products, which is saying quite a bit.

When I see a calendar, I see possibilities.

A calendar could make me organized. I could use it to schedule my time, to refresh my memory, to make sure I don’t miss another event.

A calendar could improve my relationships. I could fill it with get-togethers with friends, look back to reminisce about fun times I’ve had, see how long it’s been since I’ve seen someone I love (so I can call and make a date with them, soon!).

A calendar could help me be healthier. I could use it to record what I’ve eaten, if I’ve worked out, what my challenges and successes are when I go to yoga.

A calendar could even help me be a better blogger. I could use it to keep track of the posts I make in a linear manner, so that I make sure I am blogging consistently and not repeating myself.

A calendar, therefore, would make me happier. It would take away the uncertainty, the worry, and the stress that not using a calendar brings to my life.

Wait a minute… Lori, did you just say you do not use a calendar?

Um… yeah. I don’t use one consistently. Somehow, that habit has never stuck with me.

I buy calendars all the time. Historically, I have bought an average of three calendars every year. (I just made up that number, but it’s  probably low, if anything.) I’ll get one that seems like it is going to be perfect, then I will find that it is too big/small/inconvenient or that I forget to bring it/forget to check it/forget to write in it. At that point, I go out in search of another calendar that will, this time, be the perfect one. Repeat ad nauseum…

This week, for instance, I have been looking through stationery stores all over London, trying to find the perfect calendar to use right now. I want one to keep track of where we have been, what we have done, where we are going next, how to structure our time on the trip. I have seen some cool calendars – including one with a silicone Lego-style cover! – but I have not pulled the trigger.

Why not? Because I want to learn to use Google calendar consistently. It’s electronic, so it doesn’t add any extra weight (good for Ryanair and for carrying-around purposes); it’s compatible with my phone, so I always have it with me; it is flexible, so I can color code and group items together and make it work for me. These are all arguments in its favor. Its possible pitfalls: I don’t get a lot of time on the internet over here in Europe, so adding events and/or checking the calendar can be iffy, where a paper calendar would not be so internet-access dependent.

My goal for this week is to use Google calendar every single day, and to check it at regular intervals.

Do you use Google calendar? let me know if you have any tips or tricks. Thanks!

Daily Check-In: 

I’m grateful! for everything about London. Liz’s home is so comfortable, she is so kind, I’m loving yoga, and I’ve gotten in touch with my second cousin, Clare. All this, and London museums and attractions as well – it’s been a wonderful stay so far. (It’s raining, but we are Oregonians. I have noticed that Londoners all carry umbrellas, unlike Portlanders.)

13 thoughts on “Calendar crazy

  1. The problem with calendars is that they are not voice-activated. I must actually fill them out myself. HIGHLY UNLIKELY 🙂

    I do record important things with pop-up reminders on my computer (e.g., doctor’s appointments, kid’s events), but everything else… not so much! Haven’t tried Google Calendar, but use VueMinder on computer desktop because it will pop-up, speak-up, let me snooze at all kinds of intervals and then pop-up/speak-up again.


  2. As someone who is wont to follow a certain best friend’s calendaring system, I have to say STAY WITH GOOGLE! Mostly because I’m just getting comfortable with it, and I’m loving it! I gave up Cozi at the first of the year, and I am *just* about to give up my new Staples physical planner. I love that you are so on the cutting edge of new calendars–ahead of the curve! But letting go of that paper calendar is one less thing..


    1. The fancy links one? I haven’t used it enough to give it up yet 😉 … But I might. Google rocks, but not here where I so rarely get online. I actually bought a Moleskine calendar that started on 6/25, just to keep track of trip details.

      We should make a shared Google calendar of fun stuff to do together!


  3. Hi Lori! I have given up checking/commenting on Q’s blog, because he never posts. You said you were going to museums and stuff, are you going to go to 221b Baker street? When are you leaving London? I would Skype, but I sort of deleted Skype on my computer and I need to re-download it. Tomorrow is my last day of school!


    1. We are going to be in London for about 5 more days; Q wants to go to 221b Baker Street, so we may squeeze it in. On Sunday we went to the Jane Austen Centre in Bath and I got a magnet that says “KEEP CALM AND READ JANE AUSTEN.” Hope you are still reading P&P!
      xo – Lori


      1. I’m trying, put I just keep getting other things I need to read! The Sherlock Holmes museum is really all stuff for the books and a gift shop, but it would be so cool to be able to say you have been to 221b Baker Street! I am so jealous of you guys!


  4. I’m trying, put I just keep getting other things I need to read! The Sherlock Holmes museum is really all stuff for the books and a gift shop, but it would be so cool to be able to say you have been to 221b Baker Street! I am so jealous of you guys!


    1. Don’t be jealous – sometimes we wish we were at home, with you! Traveling is awesome, but you really miss your friends and family. Big hugs to you!


  5. Just stumbled on to your blog, sounds like you are have a real adventure.

    I have always carried a diary with me to track my shifts, important dates, birthdays etc and can’t live without it. I then got an iphone and started putting info on that but have recently start using google calendar instead so if I lose my phone I won’t lose my life!

    I know you are travelling so i’m not sure if you just have a computer with you but I use an app called CalenGoo which is great. It holds the new info offline and then can be synced with google calendar.

    Have a good trip



    1. Liz, glad you are here! You are right, the trip is too crazy to rely on Google Calendar, so I ended up getting a Moleskine diary in London. I love it – such soft leather! – but I think that at home Google Calendar will win out, because I can set reminders. I always need reminders…

      I have an Android phone, and I am not overly pleased with the way it is synching with Google Calendar. I have not used CalenGoo, but I will definitely look into it. Thanks for the tip!

      xo – Lori


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