It’s all about the Queen

Photo by Robynlou8

Oh… not that Queen.

Yes, it’s her Diamond Jubilee and everything, so she is getting a lot of attention, but I am talking about myself.

I was the Queen of Bikram Yoga tonight. Not to anyone else, just to myself… but that was enough. I have gone to six classes in the last sixteen days, and tonight – for the first time – it all came together.

Breath – The instructor said just the right phrase to help me with the breathing that begins each class. I had been sniffing the hot, humid air in, instead of just letting my nose be a passageway for the breath. A little thing, but it helped. My breathing on that first exercise was so much less forced!

Focus – I was able to keep my mind off the heat and actually focus on the poses. This is huge. The heat had been really oppressive to me and very hard for me to stop obsessing over. Tonight I could actually focus on the one point in the mirror ahead of me.

Balance – I was able to stay upright for all the standing poses. This is far and away the hardest part of the class for me. My balance is really bad, for one thing; for another, the weak leg gets so shaky – and then I get so shaky – that I have had to sit down multiple times during this part of class. Tonight I stayed on my feet. Huge accomplishment.

I felt like a rock star. Was I still the wobbliest person in the class? Yes. Could I actually get into all the poses? No. Did I still feel like you could mop the floor with me at the end of the class? Absolutely. But I had improved, and it really felt like I could do it. Not well, but as well as possible.

Good job, me!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that it did not rain while we were at Thorpe Park today, until just as we were leaving. Yesssss….

10 thoughts on “It’s all about the Queen

  1. I am *totally* proud of you! We should go together when you get back! We could see if they have Bikram in Lincoln City! Love you!


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