To indulge, or not to indulge. That is the question.

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I had a dream that this trip would be the impetus of a physical transformation for my family. We would walk everywhere, eat fresh healthy food, and return to the U.S. as happy shadows of our former selves.

So far? Not so much.

On the contrary, we are constantly surrounded by food temptation. We have tried, wherever possible, to cook fresh, healthy food at home and only eat at local restaurants once a day, tops. But even when you do all that… The drinks that you have to order! (By “drinks,” of course, I mean beer. It is Europe, after all. At home, we would just drink water, mostly because we are cheap, but as an added benefit, it’s healthy, too.) The pastries! The snacks we are offered when we visit or play games with people! The cool stuff you see in the supermarket and want to try! It is very hard to resist the temptation.

And, I ask myself, should we even try to resist? Food and drink are intrinsic parts of the culture that we are here to sample, after all. We can’t get them at home, so why not enjoy them while we are here?


See, I believe that getting all three of us to the healthiest state possible is of utmost importance, so every time we indulge, I feel guilty. There’s nothing like trying to enjoy the cuisine of a foreign land while hating yourself for doing so, let me tell you.

David and Quinland are not burdened with this guilt. To be more specific, they are not burdened until I scream out “WHY do we keep DOING this?!” while we munch on stroopwafels while playing a board game. (True story. I scared Quinland half to death. You can always count on me to make family togetherness time a real pleasure.)

I keep reminding myself that this trip is a special case. Most people can go on vacation and overindulge for a week or two and think nothing of it. I, on the other hand, need to think something of it. I have been moaning to David about this dilemma, and in very excellent “Let’s solve this” style, he assures me that there are still two months left and we can mend our ways and get perfectly fit and healthy by eating nothing but protein and vegetables except for the pastries and beer that he still wants to sample in every country.

In other words, you will still be able to recognize us when we get home.

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for bike rentals. I get a little internet time while D and Q are out riding. Of course, most of it has to go to finding a place to stay in Paris, but I can pop in here and try to get something written. A little “Me Time,” you might say.

3 thoughts on “To indulge, or not to indulge. That is the question.

  1. Think i gotta agree with david, in relation to enjoying food + beverages, moderation in all things including moderation! While we were learning french last thursday, kelly said that as she becomes older she is living in the present + enjoying the moment more. Even an ordinary pleasure like drinking coffee is not to be taken for granted 🙂


  2. Lori — you discovered and partook in multiple Bikram Yoga classes, have walked a ton and need to be nicer to yourself and your family. In my opinion, these two big things alone are great health gifts from your trip that you will take everywhere. Enjoy everything you wish to try, and just don’t eat 72 samples of each, ya know? 🙂


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