Real Time: Trying to plan this trip on the fly is a serious pain.

Just a little glimpse into our Real Lives here on the road:

I have spent all the time I could get on the internet in the last 36 hours (sitting here with The Claw and its screaming children) trying to find a place to stay in Paris… starting the day after tomorrow.

I have immersed myself in every site on the internet that offers apartments for rent. I can sum the results up for you in a few words: Tiny. Inconveniently located. Unavailable. Every apartment I have found is one or more of these things.

Lest you wonder why we are not going for hotels or hostels, let me clue you in. Hotels in our budget are located out near the airport, about 45 minutes away. Hostels can be cheap, but once you are talking about paying for three people, an apartment is cheaper.

But, man! They are small. Some have an ironing board-style “dining table” laid over the half-size refrigerator. Others have a “kitchen” that is an electric hot plate on a counter and a microwave in the living room, beside the sofa. I read reviews for one that said the bathroom was so small that if you carried any extra weight on your frame, you wouldn’t be able to use it. That rules me out!

I must say, regardless of their small size, some are quite charming. I have a newfound respect for the ability of Parisians to live in small spaces and to adapt those spaces into beautiful, livable homes. I only wish that the owners of one of those would contact me and say it is okay for us to stay there. So far, all my favorites – which said they were available when I looked them up – were unavailable by the time I heard back from the landlords. Argh.

So, for any of you who have suffered the trials and tribulations of trying to find a place to rent on a vacation, picture us trying to do it for the 11th time in 16 weeks. I’m sick of the entire process. The beauty of the pre-packaged tour really comes to light here.

I know, I know – this is like complaining that my diamond shoes are too tight. The “pain” of trying to find a vacation apartment in PARIS is better than all the other kinds of pain in the world. Don’t worry – I never lose sight of our good fortune. Just wanted to share a little of the day-to-day so you don’t think we are sitting at sidewalk cafés with beer and pastry all the time!

Love and hugs to everyone – Lori

2 thoughts on “Real Time: Trying to plan this trip on the fly is a serious pain.

  1. If getting very stressed with listening to yelling kids. Put water bottle down. Step back. Focus on breathing. Walk away. Try not to yield to temptation of throwing water on screaming children 😉 reward your mature behaviour – have an icecream or a pastry 🙂


  2. Think there is a bookshop, in paris, where you can stay in exchange for a few hours volunteering in shop. Shakespeare bookshop, i think it is called 🙂 or try couchsurfing website


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