Home is where the heart is…

This seems to be the only photo of our house that I have on the computer. We are so sweaty here in Paris that the snow makes it look even more attractive…

Yeah, I’m homesick.

I’ve been missing the people at home all along, but now I am starting to miss the home itself.

We went to a flea market yesterday, and I saw all kinds of things I’d love to have in the house. I bought my Paris souvenir magnet and thought about how cool all my trip magnets are going to look on the fridge. We visited our friend Delphine’s apartment – which is laid-out very nicely – and started talking about how we’d rearranged the main floor of our house just before we left, trying to remember what we’d put where in that big race to get things done before we left.

Summer is an especially hard time to be away, I think. Portland is so beautiful in the summer – at least I hear the sun is finally coming out this year! – and if I were there I would be watering my hanging baskets and sitting out on the deck. I’d be coming home from work feeling like I had another full day ahead of me, since it stays light later. I might even be working in my newly ivy-free back slope backyard, trying to figure out how to make it a usable space.

David says all this will only make next summer that much sweeter.

He’s right, I know. I know this because I keep repeating it to myself.

The trip will make it easier to continue streamlining once we get home, too. The practice we have gotten in dumping unnecessary stuff (thanks to Ryanair) will help, of course. More than that, though, is the way that this sort of travel makes you realize that there are some things you really need – olive oil, for instance, and a comfortable, mosquito-free place to sleep – but many more that you don’t.

This is especially true of clothes. I have four pairs of pants with me – two pairs of “trousers,” a knit pair that serve as sweats, and a cropped pair that serve as “shorts.” Four t-shirts. Three other tops. Four thin cardigans. One dress. A tank top and a pair of shorts for yoga. Three bras and a week’s worth of undies. A swimsuit. One pair of pajamas. One pair of shoes. A trench coat with a detachable liner. If I wear the coat, all the rest can fit in a small backpack. (No, I am not only wearing the coat in this scenario. I’m properly dressed. Sheesh.)

With the exception of the shoes – Oh, how I need another pair of shoes! – this has been a perfectly adequate wardrobe. Yet I have a ton of clothes in my closet at home, even after the garage sale and many, many trips to Goodwill. I have a feeling that many of those excess items of clothing are going to be headed out to join their Goodwill friends come September.

Come September, where do I see myself? At home, nesting, settling back into my own space and my own routine, oh-so-happily.

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for a lovely day with Delphine in Paris yesterday. We had such a good time!

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