Day 28 – He is risen! Happy Easter!

Day 28 = Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! (Yes, I am currently posting this in mid-July, so you will have to cast your mind back. Way back….) I didn’t take any photos today at all, for – as you will see – it was a very low-key day.

We got up early for Mass. Quinland wore her dress-up outfit and complained about her shoes every step of the way to church.  The Mass was all in Portuguese, of course, but we Catholics can follow along anywhere! We were intrigued by two things: first, the ushers were dressed in the following outfits that you may remember from the Holy Week parade:

Second, the church was very crowded, like every Catholic church on Easter Sunday morning, but the latecomers did something I’d never seen before. At our parish, they put extra folding chairs up the sides of the church and in the vestibule for the overflow, but here in Braga, folks just went right up the aisles and stood there. Right up front. Blocking the view, as Quinland pointed out, of those of us who were on time for once.

After Mass, we let Quinland take off her shoes and wander the streets barefoot. We detoured on our walk home and walked through the main square of the city. Most days, they have all kinds of stalls there, selling food and crafts – very much like Portland’s Saturday Market – but they were closed for the holiday. Q was sad, as she’d wanted crepes from a crepe stand she’d noticed the day before. We then went home for the traditional Easter Sunday nap, a new tradition we just started this year. Quinland amused herself by creating a handmade version of Piranha Pedro for us to play when we got up. We lounged around and played games and got takeaway from Telepizza for dinner.

Expenditures: Pizza!

Experiences: Portuguese Easter Mass; an Easter without our friends and family at our annual Easter Egg Hunt. I hope you all missed it as much as we did.

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