Day 35, Part II – Barceloneta beach bust

Day 35 = Sunday, April 15, 2012

As you saw in the Castellers post, it was a very nice and sunny Sunday morning, so we decided to go to the beach after the casteller performance finished. We headed home to get Christine (who had enjoyed a peaceful Sunday morning on her own); by the time we left an hour later, it was raining.

We went to the beach anyway – we are nothing if not intrepid, at this point – and split into three groups: Christine went to get some lunch (she’d missed out on the ham-cheese-bread lunch we’d had while watching the castellers), David took the opportunity to lie down on the somewhat-damp sand, and Quinland and I played in the water.

Q was smart – she’d come prepared to get wet. I was in no way intending to get wet… but I am either a Very Good Mom or a sucker, so I rolled up the legs of my pants and jumped in the waves with my girl. We were screeching and screaming and the only people on that entire beach who were not heading for shelter by this time. It was fun. Of course, once I rolled my pant legs back down, I could see how successful that idea was. We bailed on the whole water-play idea and joined David back on the sand for some kite flying. The kids (D & Q) flew the kite until it started to rain again, then reeled it as fast as they could. Maybe a little less pulling-it-in was needed for the reeling-it-in to go smoothly… We’d made a plan to meet Christine at the restaurant if she didn’t make it back to the beach before we were finished playing, so we headed over, crammed ourselves around the table, and ordered some calamari. At this point, we all headed back to the apartment to hang out. David and Quinland then went to play games with a guy named Ulrich at a game bar, while Christine and I walked up to the Gracia neighborhood for dinner. It was very cool, filled with the young and the hip and also us. By the time we walked back, I was completely wiped out. This was bad, because the next day was all  Gaudi, all the time.

Expenditures: Lunch groceries, calamari snack, Gracia dinner, some food at the game bar.

Experiences: More Catalan cultural goodness, a look at a wet Barceloneta beach, some seafood, and a journey into new neighborhoods.  D and Q got to extend their game-playing streak to a second country! Check out the fuzzy pic of the game bar, too. Games and beer – who wouldn’t like that?

2 thoughts on “Day 35, Part II – Barceloneta beach bust

  1. There you go destroying my illusions – i thought that we had fitted in beautifully in that bohemian, quirky neighbourhood – ‘filled with the young and the hip and also us’ 😉


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