I sure miss you guys!

Green Sunflower Seedhead
Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

I am missing my family.

Not just “missing them,” as in homesickness, but missing them as in, as in missing out on the chance to spend time with them.

My dad and stepmom spend summers in Portland, but we are not there. My sister and nephews are currently up from California for a vacation, and we are not there. David’s sister is planning to move, possibly soon, and we are not there to spend what may be our last summer living on the same street together. David’s mom is sick, and we are not there to go and visit her and support her as she goes back onto chemo.

I’ve gotten to talk to most of them thanks to the wonder that is Skype, which is a) awesome, and b) bittersweet, because it makes me want to be at home so much more.

Twenty-one weeks down, only three more to go.

See you soon!

Daily Let’s be honest: Weekly Check-In:

I’m grateful for all of you who have put up with my blogging foibles – homesickness, lack of consistent posting, that feeling of just-wait-until-I-get-home –  these past weeks. Thanks for hanging in there! It will all be different in three weeks when I get home! xoxo

One thought on “I sure miss you guys!

  1. We all miss you so much too 😦 It is not the same without Lori. And David. And Quindaloo.

    But we are living Europe vicariously through you, and that is SO WONDERFUL! I know you are supposed to be there on this trip discovering all the many things you have discovered including crazy-hot yoga 🙂

    I am sad to hear Lynette is moving and Lenore is sick 😦 Very, very sad and will pray.

    We will see you very soon!



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