Gaming our way through Europe

David belongs to a board game website called (suitably) (aka BGG). Before the trip started, he decided to contact other members from around Europe to see if any of them would be willing to meet up to play games with us along the way. I wasn’t sure about the whole plan – I didn’t want our whole trip focused on board games, as I sometimes feel like a Board Game Widow at home. (He and his friends love to plan game days and spend hours strategizing around the house… and I sometimes wish I got half as much attention!)

I shouldn’t have worried. At home, board games have introduced us to some lovely people that we now call friends, and the same has happened on the road. Thanks to BGG, I have played games with people in restaurants in Portugal and at a game store in Belgium (and England and Spain, for D & Q). We have been invited to dinner and games with people in the homes of people in the Netherlands (three times!) and in Wales (twice!). We have met some of the friendliest, most welcoming people.

We’d had a dream that, on this trip, we would get to know a variety of places and meet a variety of people. Honestly, our stays were too short to meet people “organically;” without the fine folks at BGG, we wouldn’t have gotten to spend so much time with the locals.

So, thank you, David; and thank you, gamers of Europe. It was awesome.

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for Family Haircut Day! Every one of us has shorter hair. David and Quinland are shorty-short-short; you can barely tell I got mine trimmed, but six months’ worth of split ends simply had to go.

2 thoughts on “Gaming our way through Europe

  1. What a gorgeous picture of Quindaloo! Even without a smile, he looks beautiful 🙂 And I am so grateful for your hubby’s passion for games as well! Glad it made your amazing trip even better.



    1. I was going to put a caption that said, “Lack of smile due to mamarazzi photo stalking and not lack of interest in the board game.” Wait until you see his short hair! So cute!


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