Hostel (and health) happiness

We are in Norway, in a fantastic hostel in the tiny hamlet of Solvorn. (Shout out for Eplet! Woot!) It is on an apple farm, and the people here are a mix of those who have come to work on the farm – picking fruit and making juice – and those, like us, who are just passing through.

We are all happy. Quinland has young people to play croquet with in the 10 pm twilight. David has people he can teach games to (and play games with!). I have a beautiful town with friendly people and the luxury of being able to chat in the kitchen – in my pajamas, with a cup of tea – about the comparative benefits of the American, German, and Italian educational systems. We are all enjoying the fact that we are on a fjord, one that we can see from our bed and the community dining table and the backyard. It is so lovely.

I’ve been thinking about the trip, which ends in four days, and how it has gone for me, health-wise. I have definitely missed out on some of the more active days; for instance, David and Quinland biked to a waterfall yesterday and went sea kayaking today, and I stayed at home. I have missed out on a fair number of sightseeing days due to the aftereffects of my monthly megadoses of prednisone. I notice, as I write the travel blog, that I spend a fair number of days searching for or getting massages to loosen up my leg.

But overall, I have done really well. I have walked when and where I need to go, or I have taken the time to rest when I need to. I have discovered Bikram Yoga and the wonderful way it makes me feel. I have even embarked on a new MS diet – basically fish-eating vegan – and have stuck to it for almost a month.

Going home on Sunday is going to be a huge transition. I know this. But I also know that I have made this trip something positive for my body. I’m looking forward to going home and continuing to make progress! I have a book waiting for me from about this new diet; I have scoped out Bikram studios in Portland, and I know the time of the first class I will be taking (6 am on the morning after we get home!); I have experienced such a range of reactions to the medication this past six months, that I know to expect the unexpected and to roll with whatever comes.

I’m ready.

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for the lovely people here at Eplet, for their laughter and their friendliness and their willingness to play with us. Quinland has decided she is going to come back and work on the farm team when she is old enough. I figure we will just have to come back and visit her here.

3 thoughts on “Hostel (and health) happiness

  1. Wow! Time flies! I can’t believe you’ll be back here in less than a week. At the same time, you’ve been gone for so danged long! I can’t WAIT to hear about all the adventures live and in person.


    1. You may get “in person,” but I am not so sure about “live”… In the next three nights, we sleep on a bus, in a prison cell, and in the airport – and THEN we spend a million hours flying home. Yikes! But you can come and join me at yoga the next morning, if you want to!


      1. I am interested in this sogenannte yoga of which you’ve been extolling its virtues. Depends on the day and time (as you mentioned “morning,” not one of my favorite times).

        Ummm…prison cell!? What did you do that you all have to serve time before coming home?


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