Taking advantage of jet lag

Global clocks
Photo by futureatlas

I have decided to put this whole jet-lag thing to good use: I am going to use the drastic change in time zones to turn myself into a morning person.

I am waking up early to go to yoga at 6:00 am each day from now on. Yep. SIX. Not even just getting up at six, but being somewhere at six. Every single day.

This is not like me. Let’s just say that I am not traditionally known as a morning person. I am lucky to get to work on time, let alone doing anything beyond the very most basic of basics before I get there.

So… how am I going to accomplish this great feat?

First, I decided to act as though I were still in Sweden; I am not changing my mental clock, so I am going to bed crazy early (which is very late in Stockholm time). This has its disadvantages: my eyes have popped open at about 3 am both mornings (“Stockholm noon”).

More than that, however, I have a wonderful motivation for getting up so early: YOGA. Besides the potential for some kind of miraculous improvement in MS symptoms, I feel that Bikram Yoga – when I go in the morning – gives me an incredible feeling of energy during the day.

How about you? Are you a lark? An early bird? Or are you a night owl by nature? I’d love to hear how you decompress from a big journey like ours.

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for the chance to see all my “elders” tonight. Dad and Ann brought Mom and Dan over for early evening / dinner. We hung out and talked politics and ate pizza. Well, they ate pizza. I had a lovely Mediterranean salad. Yum…

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