I can’t find my keys

Photo by Bohman

I can’t find my keys.

Not in the “I put them down somewhere and I can’t remember where” way. No, I literally can’t remember what I did with them when I left home in March.

Did I put them somewhere safe?

Did I leave them in whichever purse or bag was the last one I used?

Did I leave them with a trusted friend? (If I did, and you read this, Trusted Friend, I’m ready to take them off your hands.)

It’s not a big deal right now; David found his keys, so we can still come and go as we please. But next week, when I go back to work, I will need them!

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful that Quinland has such good friends. It has been such a treat for her to come home and be with them again.

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