Weekend goal: travel blogging

I have a plan.

I am going to try to work on the travel blog this weekend.

Shocking, right? Well, just because I have only blogged 37 of the 168 days of Our European Adventure doesn’t mean I am done! No, no… I fully intend to get completely caught up on the travel blog. I have rough drafts of some days, copious notes on others, and faint memories of a few. Considering the fact that we took thousands of photos, I think there will be enough to jog my memory.

The problem, as always, is VOLUME. (Name that SNL skit!) If I am 131 days behind, and I do an average of two posts a week, it will only take me 66 weeks to get caught up! That means I will be done blogging by the end of 2013 or so! Hooray! (You’d think all the exclamation points would be making me feel more confident and excited about this plan, but… not so much.)

So, just as I will be eating that paperwork elephant one bite at a time, I will be doing the same with this task. (Let’s call this a rhinoceros.)

Whew! Having a plan means I no longer have to feel like this:

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for having a whole day to spend with my little Deb! We haven’t had a good chance to hang out with each other since I got home.

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