Day 38 – D and Q see Munich!

Day 38 = Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy steroids day! It was good and bad to have to take my meds in Munich; good,  because I wouldn’t really “miss” anything, since I had seen it all before; but bad, because I love love love this city.

I got up in the morning and took the other half of the prednisone dose, then zoned out in bed, probably drooling (isn’t that a pretty picture?) until about 3 PM. Blah. At this point, I decided I needed to get up and do some laundry. We’d made it through a week in Barcelona (since we’d sent all our clothes to the cleaners in Porto), but everything needed to be washed again. Strange how that happens!

I ran into Frau Bremerich, the landlady, down in the laundry room. We had an excellent conversation about who we were and what we were doing on this trip. We are a curiosity! I feel such a need to explain to people that – while I know we are very very unbelievably fortunate – we are not some rich American family who just get to gallivant around the world on a whim. Part of it is defensive, I know – a need to repeatedly say that we worked hard for this – but part is still trying to be encouraging, especially to people with families, that it is possible to do a trip like this.  I spent the rest of the afternoon alternating between resting, writing blog posts, and going down to put each load in the dryer every couple of hours.

Meanwhile, D and Q went into town (and I got the facts from David the next day). They went to Sendlinger Tor, Asamkirche, Marienplatz, Residenz Schatzkammer & Cuvilliestheatre, Odeonsplatz, Theatinerkirche, Studentenstadt, Universitat, Turkenhof, Munchner Freiheit, Stachus and home. Here’s the Asamkirche:

This is one of my favorite pieces from the Residenz Schatzkammer (Treasure Chamber):

and here is another! This is slightly more posh than my personal case for traveling essentials:

Quinland continued to profess his love of German food, promising to never eat an American hot dog again, questioning why we don’t have gummi bears in vending machines and enjoying his first Kasespatzle and Spezi at Turkenhof. 

The Cuvilliestheatre was a highlight for both Q and David (his first visit).

Quinland appreciated the restrained interior of the Theatinerkirche over the raucous baroque of the Asamkirche.

Q also liked how Stu-Stadt was separate from the university.

German game shopping began at Karstadt in Munchner Freiheit, continued at Kunst und Spiel near Giselastrasse and wrapped up at Obletters at Stachus.

 Only one game was purchased (Tiki Topple at Karstadt for 5 euro), but there was much drooling over board and card games and Playmobil.

I’d say that the day was a success!

Expenditures: Turkenhof lunch; Tiki Topple game.

Experiences: Visits by D and Q to all the main sights in Munich… and a real German game purchase!

2 thoughts on “Day 38 – D and Q see Munich!

    1. Oh, yes! We ate like royalty when we were there. I loooooooove Bavarian food. (Good thing I went there before I stopped eating meat and cheese!)


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