Break a leg!

My kid is fragile.

He has had four broken bones in his arms. On Wednesday, he added another bone to his tally: a spiral fracture of the tibia, courtesy of a quick move in a game of Capture the Flag.

Poor little bunny. It’s tough to be stuck on a couch for days on end, unable to so much as shift position without someone to help you hold up the massive cast of doom. It’s hard to be stuck on one floor of the house, unable to sleep in your own bed upstairs. It’s seriously disappointing to have it happen during your favorite season of the year, just before Scout Camp and your birthday and Halloween.

But my kid is an amazing kid. He thanks the x-ray techs and the people in the cast room so graciously. He finds things to occupy his time while stuck at home. He entertains friends at couch-side, and even stays awake (when he is soooo exhausted) to watch Glee with his mama. He keeps his spirits up through it all.

I love my kiddo so much. He impresses me over and over again with his grace under pressure.

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for the outpouring of love and support during our hard week!

2 thoughts on “Break a leg!

  1. Poor little bunny! This is WAYYY worse than a man-cold, which is what I wish he had instead – if he had to have something. Big hugs and kisses to the real Speshy.


    1. I have been contemplating making a cast for the real Speshy, in homage to the broken arm the doctors gave him way back when… but his little “legs” are so short! Poor little bunny…


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