Tinker, tinker little blog…

Yeah, I’ve been messing with the blog tonight.

They say that easily-distracted people can hyperfocus when involved in high-interest activities. Apparently this was pretty high-interest, because a full two hours have just gone by in a flash.

I test drove every single “Theme” (blog style) wordpress.com has to offer. This was fun, but my indecision quickly got old. I’d get it narrowed down to one theme and then immediately go back and check ten others.

The hysterical thing is that most people probably won’t even notice the change. Ah, well… I know it’s there. I like the new font, I like the very clear “Leave a Comment” command, I like the infinite scrolling. It’s all good.

Hope you all did something fun tonight!

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful to have had a houseful of people to watch Glee with tonight. Holy moly, there was shocker after shocker in that one. David called it, too. Either he’s the biggest Gleek of all, or just plain lucky.

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