Just keep digging, digging, digging…


My current goals are simple:

1) Keep digging myself out of this hole.

2) See #1, above.

I made a list on Friday of the things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend.

    • clean my bedroom
    • get rid of clothes that are too big (Partially done – I got rid of 12 pair of pants!)
    • go to yoga (Yikes! I haven’t been since 9/17, or in other words, since Q broke her leg.)
    • make a dinner plan with my dad
    • catch up on laundry (Nope. Nada.)
    • make a huge dent in paperwork (Partially done – paid all the bills and filed some stuff!)
    • gather a few boxes of stuff for Goodwill (Partially done – filled one box!)
    • fill a yard debris can with weeds
    • clear a path to my desk (Uh… no. In fact, I think it is worse now.)
    • get my hair trimmed
    • play with the cats (Partially done – they always want more love!)
    • work on the blogs (Wrote half of a single draft.)
    • read my Darcy story
    • get a lot of sleep


See how productive I have been? I am very impressed with myself. Six things crossed off, another four things partially done! Whoo hoo!

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for my health. I may die with Multiple Sclerosis, but – at this rate, anyway – I will not die from it.

I’m also grateful, of course, for the photo by sskennel.

2 thoughts on “Just keep digging, digging, digging…

  1. Have you thought about setting up auto bill pay through your bank or setting it up through the bill websites for automatic charging? I have this and I never worry about paying anything on time since its all automatic. That may help if bill paying takes a long time. Hmm I just recently well slowly lost 18lbs so my clothes dont fit either I bought new stuff and have been wearing belts. good for you for also loosing weight. I am proud of you Lori, you are a very positive person and I hope I can be more positive about my official diagnosis. I need to come down and visit I could take a day off and drive down and meet you at work to see all the ladies.


    1. Eighteen pounds?! That’s amazing! You must be as thin as a rail. You should definitely come down – we can go shopping for new clothes!

      I actually set up bill pay for everything when we left for Europe. I like it because it is so easy, but because I have a hard time trusting it, I still have my little paper spreadsheet that I check everything off of each month. (I have to say, I’m glad I do; there are a couple of things I couldn’t put on bill pay that still needed checks sent in!)

      I am saying a prayer that your diagnosis is just a step in the RIGHT direction. Nothing has changed about your body since before the diagnosis – you’ve probably always had it, right? – but now, hopefully, they can really work to fight it and make you feel better.

      Love you, sweetie!
      xo – Lori


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