Attacking my paper clutter


If you follow FlyLady, you may know that her focus this month is paper clutter. She suggests taking 15 minutes at a time to tackle a small pile of paper – a drawer, a file, a box – and to determine what needs to be shredded and what needs to be kept.

I’ve been bogged down since I got home with a few different kinds of paper:

Bills to pay. I set up everything on automatic deduction before I left… or did I? It’s funny how many once-a-year things like a Costco membership or AAA come up unexpectedly.

Bank statements to reconcile in Quicken. I know David thinks that using Quicken is a waste of time, but I like to know where my money is going. I have been operating on a Quicken-backlog basis for about five years, but I may actually be seeing the light at end of the tunnel.

Stuff to file. This pile grows and shrinks depending on how productive I have been lately, but it seems to be a never-ending job.

Euro-Trip memorabilia. This is contained in a single box right in the middle of the office floor. David has been tackling it bit by bit, recycling the “Why did we save this?” and the “Do you even know what this is from?” stuff.

Other memorabilia. I’m really trying to cut back, but the dang scrapbooker in me still likes to save.

Plans and Hopes and Dreams. This is the stuff that gets out of control easily: pictures of rooms I love, templates for organizing schedules and cleaning routines, things I read and want to save, Very Important Directions (such as how to remove stains or when to plant tulip bulbs), and the like. Information and inspiration, all piled together in dishtubs, waiting to be remembered and sorted and put to use.

Last night, I worked on the “Bank statements to reconcile in Quicken.” I am really burning through those!

It felt good. I told myself I was going to work on it for 15 minutes, and I ended up going strong for over an hour. The best thing about it is the commitment I now have – thanks to Freedom Filer! – to only saving papers for two years. So all the newly reconciled statements from 2007 and 2008 have become fodder for the Shred-It guys. Whoo hoo!

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for my sister. She is an amazing woman, an amazing writer, an amazing mother, and an amazing friend.

I’m also grateful, of course, for the photo by Muffet.

One thought on “Attacking my paper clutter

  1. Owe me a coke! I think MY sister is the amazing woman, amazing writer, amazing mother and uber amazing friend 🙂 We must be related. xoxo And mega congrats on the paper declutter. I am happy to let you practice those skills here as well…


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