Element of Light

David and I had a really good time at the concert last Thursday. It was fun to go on a date on a weeknight; I believe I am going to like being the parent of a teenager more and more as time goes on.

The Doug Fir was packed. We’d hoped to get a seat for me, but though we were early, everyone in Portland was earlier. We checked out the merchandise and got a Fellows CD (but passed on the t-shirt).

Peter Buck – playing his 4th gig ever as a lead singer – sounded pretty rough, I have to admit. I haven’t heard the record yet, but I imagine it sounds better than he sounds live at this point. Still, it was a definite “I was there” sort of experience!

The lovely and talented Young Fresh Fellows were a treat. They played only one bona fide hit – Picture Book, that Jim Sangster bounce-along goodie – but plenty of hits from our house: Go Blue Angels Go, Taco Wagon, I Got My Mojo Working, If You Believe In Cleveland, and more.

Robyn Hitchcock took the stage with a large variety of friends: Sean Nelson from Harvey Danger joined in for vocals for most of the show and Colin Meloy from The Decemberists got pulled up for a song or two; Scott McCaughey, Pete Buck and Bill Rieflin (who make up Robyn’s latest backing band, the Venus 3) came up for the electric part of the set and were joined at the end by Kurt Bloch and Jim Sangster from the Fellows. My personal highlights: a lovely rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Only Living Boy In New York, and Airscape, which may just be my favorite Robyn Hitchcock track ever. It brings back memories of being 21 and newly out on my own… long, long ago.

Some kind woman in the crowd even took a video. Isn’t the internet fun? (This is about as close as David was; I was leaning on a pole in the back, trying to keep off my feet as much as I could.) Enjoy!

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for the burst of energy I have had the past few days. We have made amazing progress on the house, though so much stuff still needs to be put away, you’d hardly guess!

I am, of course, grateful for the fine video as well.

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