Happy Halloween!

We had a great night tonight! Quinland had friends over to play Singstar, watch Beetlejuice, and do a bit of trick-or-treating. David and I had Lynette and Joe over to eat treats, watch the Blazer game, and – until we turned the task over to the girls – pass out candy.

The Blazers romped to a win over the Lakers, which was totally unexpected and hugely gratifying. Damian Lillard will go down as only the third player in NBA history to score more than 20 points and have more than 10 assists in their NBA debut… and the other two were Hall of Famers (Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas).

I realized after Quinland was already in bed that this was the first Halloween I did not get a picture of her in her costume. Before school, we were too rushed; after we got home, we were too rushed; and once her friends arrived, they were so caught up in what they were doing that I never even thought of a photoshoot. To top it off, for the first time ever neither David nor I went out with them when they went trick-or-treating. With Q in a wheelchair, they only went around the cul-de-sac, so we were comfortable with them going out alone.

The moral of the story? My baby is growing up! I realize this on a daily basis, but as each of these big milestones goes by, it just makes it that much more clear.

xo – Lori

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for Joe, who brought over a veritable feast from Barbur World Foods (yum!) and for Lynette, who rejoiced with me in every moment of Opening Night fun. Heck, for that matter, I’m grateful for Damian Lillard!

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