When the screen breaks…

Once upon a time, we were in Wales. The Summer Olympics were on, and we were glued to the BBC most of the time. (Side note: Three cheers for the BBC’s coverage. It was awesome. Unbelievably thorough… you could watch every event, though some of the early heats or more obscure sports didn’t have commentary.) Quinland was hard at work, polishing up a paper she was writing for school, but she gladly took a break whenever possible to catch the action.

This particular day, she closed the laptop and set it beside herself to watch a race. David came into the living room from the kitchen and stood beside her to watch. (Do you see where this is going?)

I was upstairs sorting paperwork when I heard a commotion. David had stepped backward onto the corner of the computer and broken the screen. Everyone was upset. They were each upset at the part the other had played in the mishap, and I was upset because the ironclad warranty I’d gotten on the new laptop covered everything but screen breakage.

This seems to be the extent of the damage; it’s distracting, but the computer is still completely usable. It wasn’t quite this bad at first, because once we opened it and saw the extent of the crack, we didn’t close it again for weeks, so the crack didn’t leak and spread. Of course, that wasn’t practical once we were back on the road again.

I got some quotes on getting the screen replaced, and it would be about $300-350 once you factor in the installation cost. David thinks we should just hang on and put that money into another laptop down the road a bit. I understand the logic, there; computers change so much over time that we could probably get something nice in the future for a really reasonable price.

Still, I’m leaning toward getting it fixed. I bought this laptop when my old one died right before the trip, and I chose it for its excellent traveling capabilities: it’s an ultrabook, so it’s incredibly thin, unbelievably light, and it has a solid-state hard drive (no moving parts to break or damage). It’s perfect for just sticking in your purse whenever you might need it. To me, this computer would serve my needs for quite some time if we just got it repaired.

What do you think? Do you put more money into getting the broken things fixed, or do you just start fresh with something new? Do you think it’s worth getting my little laptop repaired?

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for the incredible burst of energy I had today. I was getting so much done at work I couldn’t believe it, and since I got home I have gotten a painting bid, done two loads of laundry, cooked (!) dinner, played with the cats, and even gotten some computer time… and I will be in bed by 10. Whoo hoo!

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