The Other Dream Team

Waiting period...

David and I had date night tonight! He picked me up from work, we got tickets to a movie, went for dinner at La Sirenita (a favorite in NE Portland), stopped by Goodwill (got two Christmas presents from Target overstock!) and then went back to the theater for the movie.

What did we see? Well, tonight was its Portland premiere, but it was not the latest James Bond movie. It was a documentary film called The Other Dream Team, and it was the story of the Lithuanian basketball team that won the bronze medal in the 1992 Olympics – beating the former Soviet Union, from whom they had just fought for their independence a few months before.

We are big fans of the Portland Trail Blazers, who drafted Lithuanian center Arvydas Sabonis in 1986 when he was still a member of the Soviet National Team. (Obviously, the Soviets did not let him come to America at that time, and he ended up entering the NBA as a 31-year-old rookie in 1995.) A prominent member of the Lithuanian team, Sabonis was interviewed at length for the film. This was fun to watch, but the film was compelling on many other levels as well. It was a history of Soviet sports, of Lithuanian patriotism, of the generosity of a band (and their tie-dyed t-shirts).

Do you remember the Lithuanian team getting on the medal stand in their tie-dyed outfits? I do. It was awesome… as was the movie. David’s comment as we left the theater: “That movie was fantastic.” It was.

Go see it if you get the chance. Portlanders, head downtown to the Fox Tower to catch it before its gone.

xo – Lori

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful that we have food on the shelves in our stores, that goods are readily available to buy, that we have the freedom to travel as we choose and to make our own decisions about our lives.

I’m also grateful, of course, for the photo by A.J.85. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “The Other Dream Team

  1. Now I not only want to see this movie, but I feel super shallow to boot! ‘Cuz we saw the oh-so-hot Daniel Craig as James Bond yesterday 🙂 But this film sounds incredible and I must find it around here… (however, we also highly recommend Skyfall)


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