Day 40 – Quite possibly the most boring post of the trip

Day 40 = Friday, April 20, 2012

Please note: I did not say it was the most boring day of the trip. I would not know, because I missed it… and very few photos were taken… which is why it will be the most boring post. Just keeping it real, people.

Remember all that running through Salzburg the previous day? Well, let’s just say that I learned a big lesson about doing too much, too soon after mega-steroids. I collapsed in a heap – so tired, so sore, so out of it – and lay in bed the entire day, barely lifting up my head from the pillow. Picture me on that sofa bed, below. (I got these photos off Herr Bremerich’s website; go there if you are ever thinking of staying in Munich!)


Here’s my view of the other side of the apartment, from the sofa bed:


You may recall that what brought us to Munich this week was the arrival of our friend Bryann from Portland for a work conference (aka a “Messe“). David and Q spent the day at the Messegelände (conference/fairgrounds) where they ate, drank, had candy, and saw exhibits. Q came home with a bag of goodies: a mood magnet, a ball, and some combo gel/highlighter pens.

I was still out of it, so Q decided to nap along with me in preparation for staying up late at Game Night. In fact, David “snuck out!” (his words) without him, with the following rationale:

  • He knew the people would be speaking German only;
  • He wasn’t sure if the evening was kid-friendly; and
  • They might play very late. (He was correct on the first two, but he got home by midnight. That’s early for gamers.)

He had fun. Here is proof of all the fun:

Meanwhile, Q and I woke up with no food in the house but the Wieninger leftovers and no house key, either. Obviously, since we could not lock the door, we could not leave, we would have to eat ALL the leftovers, even David’s, or risk complete starvation. So we did!

We also played Tiki Topple, read, and watched Pride and Prejudice 2005. (Obviously, I was starting to feel better.) If we’d had a way to watch Friends and Glee, it may have been a perfect lazy night.

Expenditures: Day passes for the u-bahn.

Experiences: Q’s first visit to a Messe!

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