Happy days and nights


I’ve just had a lovely weekend.

Yesterday, my friend Deb and I went to scrapbook all day at our friend Sue’s house. Well… Deb scrapbooked, and I worked on the travel blog. I got two posts done, another one nearly done – I can’t figure out how to do a mosaic of photos, so it may take me a while to get that one up! – and I was very proud of myself.

Last night, I went to a wine-and-cheese fest at my friend Lorraine’s. I hadn’t seen her in nearly a year, we decided… and it was high time I did. We had a fantastic time, though I did not eat a bite of cheese! I got home very late and didn’t get to bed until 2.

Today, I slept in late, visited with friends when I dropped Q off at a birthday party, picked up some incredible food at Laughing Planet, and stopped at a garage sale (where a friend gave me a big bag of clothes – for free!). That was my idea of a great morning.

I came home and filled my yard debris can, when suddenly all the birthday party girls descended on our house for the afternoon. They’d been discussing their favorite Disney films from childhood and had settled on Lion King 1-1/2. Since we own both the video cassette and a working VCR, they came by here to watch the film. I watched a bit, then did some dishes and some laundry.

My evening began with a trip to the grocery store for food and cat supplies, a run to get Thai food for the girls, some time reading a Pride and Prejudice sequel, and a glorious hour spent taking turns playing YouTube videos with David. This ended with an attempt to only play ” bombastic” songs – which meant we heard a lot of Muse – and a general freaking-out of the cats. Apparently bombast only goes so far in the feline mind.

I know, I know – there was no big news here, no theme for this post, no underlying message. Just a peek into my life and the things that make me happy. My only regret? I didn’t make it to Mass, where they were having the folk group play and real live Bingo afterward. That, and a trip to Goodwill, would have made the weekend perfect.

xo – Lori

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for music! We haven’t spent such dedicated time listening to music together lately. I miss it. I miss having our records in our main living space, all nice and handy.

Most viewed/favorited leaves mosaic” by Ctd 2005 / CC BY

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