A tale of two kitties

The third week in September was a hectic one for us. Two family members were seriously ill, Quinland broke her leg, David’s mom came for a visit… and we got two cats.

We’d chosen the Cat Adoption Day weeks before, when we had no way of knowing that our lives would already be topsy-turvy. A friend – inspired in part by our own trip overseas – had decided that he wanted to travel the world and telecommute for work, if only he could find someone to adopt his two cats. Coincidentally, we’d been talking about getting a pet or two; our excuse for not having one had always been that we would someday be gone on a long trip, but now that point was moot. So it was that after many family discussions and intercontinental Facebook chats, we agreed to adopt the cats.

Hardly a day goes by that we do not wonder what the heck we were thinking.

Let me introduce you to the cats. They are sisters – eight years old, I believe – named Jinx and Fu.


This is Jinx. She has long hair and a loud voice. She is in love with our friend Greg and cries when he disappears from her sight. Jinx believes she that there is treasure behind every closed door and that if she can just scratch at the door enough, it will open and the treasure will be hers. She will sit on your lap to be petted and likes to be held in your arms like a baby.


This is Fu. She has short hair, crossed eyes, and a wonky meow. She eats all of her own food and half of Jinx’s, so she is quite plump while Jinx is a skinny-mini. Fu will not sit in your lap, but she will hop up on the bed and curl up by you. She is not fond of closed doors, either, especially if she knows one of us is behind the door. Fu is an escape artist; you have to block any exterior door as it opens and closes.

I’ve gotten used to the routine of feeding the cats, brushing them, and cleaning the litter box. I am not at all used to all the attention-seeking behavior. We do play with the cats regularly, morning and evening; they have toys and balls and a cat castle and scratching thingys. But somehow, it never seems to be enough, and they beg for more attention. Loudly. I am not sure if this is because of the upheaval they suffered in moving from living in a sparsely-furnished apartment with a single guy who worked from home to a comparatively giant house filled with people and all kinds of stuff. Regardless, I thought it would be settling down after two months!

Jinx and Fu could get all the attention they’d ever want from Quinland. She would love the cats if they would let her. Sadly, since Q broke her leg three days before the cats arrived, they have only ever seen her with crutches. They do not like crutches, so they are wary. As she has gone from full-leg cast to half-leg cast to walking boot, Q has gotten more mobile and has been able to get down and play with them more. They are starting to warm up to her, thank goodness!

xo – Lori

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful for time spent with Q’s people and my people on Thursday nights for Glee. Tonight, we moms got to do the arm movements to “Greased Lightning” and sing all our favorite Grease songs. The poor girls… they don’t know whether to die of shame or die laughing.

2 thoughts on “A tale of two kitties

  1. Oooooohh!! I can’t believe I missed sing and dance to Grease Lightning night! If it helps with the cats, try hitting them with something soft and yelling. Billy won’t come near me since he peed on the 1,125th throw rug (made of cotton, very small) and I picked it up and smacked him with it while screaming like Yosemite Sam 🙂 Works wonders.


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