Tidy, dishes, laundry, clean

There had been an alarming trend of martyrdom here at my house in the recent past. Both David and I thought we were the only ones doing anything, and Quinland pretty much thought she was being ordered to do things constantly.

I decided there had to be a better way. (Of course I did; that’s what I do.)

I have brainstormed many a scheme over the years, but this one seems to be going strong. It’s called “Tidy, Dishes, Laundry, Clean.” Each one of us has to do a job from each of those four areas every evening and during any clean-up time on the weekend. That’s it. It’s snappy, it’s easy to remember, and it gives people a measure of control over their actions while still being effective.

Adding “dishes” and “laundry” to the list was a no-brainer. They need to be done, over and over, and it’s best if they get done every day. “Tidy” was added for David’s benefit, as he thinks Q and I don’t tidy up after ourselves properly, and “clean” was added to make me happy, since I think neither of them ever cleans anything. (Quinland can use “clean” to take a shower, which she thinks is a great way to get out of work and I think is a great bit of reverse psychology.)

There’s no more hassle. I can say, “Hey, I see you loaded the dishwasher. Go ahead and put your laundry away and let me know what you are going to tidy and what you are going to clean.” This no-nagging process makes everyone so much happier.

How do you motivate yourself / your spouse / your kid(s) to do daily work? Do you have a tried and true system. or have you tried and discarded as many as I have? I think this one will be good for a while. I’ll keep you posted!

6 thoughts on “Tidy, dishes, laundry, clean

  1. I’ve tried to no avail. No matter how many plans I put into place, the pups never, ever pick up after themselves. Ever. So I gave up.


    1. I can’t get the cats to do a darn thing, either. Not to mention that I clean up their toys before I go to bed, and by the time I wake up, they are all out again. (This morning there was a little stuffed hamster next to the food bowls. Perhaps their natural instincts are coming to the fore.)


  2. Lori, ‘tidy, clean, dishes, laundry’, sounds like a simple but great routine for all your family. What happened to three pronged or three steps approach inspired by flylady? Sorry for usually remarking upon your blog in your facebook account, but it is easier to do, when using mobile phone. Can not believe that this time two years ago, i was getting ready for hols!


    1. The FlyLady method went by the wayside, as so many other schemes do. I’ve decided not to let that make me feel that I failed; rather, I’ll just figure that particular scheme was not appropriate to that particular time in our lives. A much better spin, right?


  3. Have nothing inspiring to say about housekeeping, except to paraphrase a counsellor/tutor that was teaching an introduction to counselling skills course, ‘an obsession with cleaning is a symptom of an unlived/unhappy life’. Moderation in all things! Take it with a pinch of maldron salt 😉


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