ToDo’sDay – 5 March 2013

I’m making a list and checking it twice! I’ve decided to challenge myself with a To Do list for the week. It has one key point, though: If I put it on the list, it HAS to get done.

Yep, you heard right. It’s not a wish list, it’s not a punch list, it is a list of things I am going to DO, because that is what we are all about here. Action is my middle name.

  • HOME 
  • All laundry cleared out of the laundry room by Friday morning. DONE!
  • All papers gone through and bills paid.  DONE!
  • Work systematically through any backlog; apologize when necessary. ONGOING!
  • Give thanks for the opportunity to serve each client.  DONE!
  • Work on Portugal slideshow with David.  DONE!
  • Get everything ready to go to the beach on Friday.  DONE!

That’s it. That’s my plan. I also want to watch Downton Abbey, get a massage DONE!, go to bed early, clean the house, and a million other things, but these are my MITs (Most Important Tasks).

Update: I didn’t even get the list published last night! This makes my Tuesday/ToDo’sDay play on words not quite as interesting. Oooh, it’s fine, though, because “Post on time” wasn’t on the list! Hee hee…

And you? What are your must-do tasks for the week? Anything exciting? I’m looking forward to going through photos with David. We’ve been picking out our favorites from the first month of our trip, and we are already over 100. Yikes!

3 thoughts on “ToDo’sDay – 5 March 2013

  1. My must do’s every week are about the same every week. I do one load of clothes laundry one load of sheets one load of towels and one load of dog (Blankets, bedding, jackets,). Bathe the Dog is another weekly chore. Vacuum dust and dishes and of course tidy up. Those are weekly events of to do’s for the house Since Tim is in school I do more house work than he does. He helps with the dishes and takes out the garbage and recycling. And he cleans his own bathroom and tidies up his work room. And of course pay medical bills seems like those are the only type that exist these days with my name on them. I have paid 3 this week alone. I always pay right when I get them I go online and done. So that’s really easy.

    Personal that is usually the same too. Walk the dog and get on the elliptical. And of course read.


    1. Busy, busy girl! I can believe that Star has her own load of laundry, because she is so well-dressed. 🙂

      I need to follow your example and pay bills right when I get them. I always think I am going to do them on “Desk Day,” but then that day never arrives and I am scrambling to get everything paid. Luckily most of my bills are automatically deducted now; we set them up that way for the trip last year.


  2. Lori, well done on accomplishing so much on the list. You can celebrate your achievement with a glass of wine or a mug of herbal tea, maybe green tea, during St Patrick’s Day 😉


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