Jinxy and Fu-bear hanging out on the deck:

I should add a couple of details here. These girls are housecats, and their few forays into the outside world before we got them always ended with being chased down like bank robbers. However, our back deck is more than two stories up and has no way to reach the ground, so our housemate, Greg, decided to let them go out, supervised, and see how they did.

Not only did they not jump up on the railings or plunge to their deaths, they absolutely loved it. Fu, especially, will often scratch at the sliding glass door to go out, rain or shine. (She’s got a high percentage of body fat, so she can stand the weather. Jinxy is skinny and a prima donna, so her outside excursions are much shorter.)

This particular day was the first day I’d ever left the door open – it’s getting warmer here! – and let them go in and out at will. That was like a kitty trip to Disneyland. 🙂

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