Sorting, scanning, scrapbooking

I am off at the beach with my girlfriends today. We are all old scrapbooking buddies, though none of us are scrapbooking today. I’m doing the next best thing: sorting through memorabilia and scanning mementos from our trip to Europe. We are attempting to put together a slideshow of the first month of our trip, the time we spent in Portugal and Spain.

It’s hard to believe that a year ago this week we were flying from Portland to Lisbon. We arrived at Miguel’s apartment – the home of free wine and free music downloads – and made it our home for the next 21 days.

I’ve decided to scrapbook the trip digitally, the first digital scrapbook I’ve ever done. I’ve been messing with the software for a while – I started a 70th birthday scrapbook for my dad, who may be 80 by the time I finish it – but now it is time to bite the bullet and get real with learning how to use the program properly.

?????????????That’s where the scanning comes in. We tend to save tons of paper when we travel – receipts, postcards, brochures, anything that we think will spark a memory later – but with a digital scrapbook, none of that would be included unless we digitize it. So I hauled my printer/scanner and a big box of memorabilia to the beach with me for some concentrated scanning time.

Sadly, I learned a time-saving shortcut the hard way. I began by sorting the big box into an expandable file – Whoo hoo! Love my FileMate! – with each section representing a single country. This process took the bulk of the early afternoon, but was really fun.

I love looking back on things: our program from Hamlet at the Globe in London, a receipt from Taxi Cammeo in Pula, a transit card from Amsterdam that has a .nl (pronounced “poont-en-el”) web address. (We love saying this; we would .nl everything if we could.)

But I digress. The scanning is pretty time-consuming, so I should have grabbed something and started scanning before I even began sorting, and then kept scanning as I sorted. I would have gotten a lot more done!

Do you do digital scrapbooks? Do you just drag-and-drop in your photos, or do you scan memorabilia to add as well? Any tips on how I can do it better or faster?

4 thoughts on “Sorting, scanning, scrapbooking

  1. Time beside the Pacific, with friends, sounds like fun. Watched a francais film on dvd with Kelly earlier, fire blazing, (Les enfants du paradis). Look forward to seeing the slideshow of portugal + spain, next time i am visiting portland – please ensure that i’m portrayed as a quirky, friendly tourist in barcelona in the narrative via photos 😉


    1. From now on, that’s how I will describe you to everyone: quirky and friendly. I may occasionally add perceptive, and generous, and chatty… 😉


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