Slide into Portugal!

??????????????Sitting around looking at a slideshow of someone’s travels is straight outta 1956 or so.

Click. Here we are at the airport. Click. Here we are at the motel. Click. Here we are at the Grand Canyon. Click.

Of course, a little retro vibe never stopped us from showing pictures and telling stories. David dreamed up the whole idea: commemorate each month of our trip to Europe last year with a gathering of friends. Show some of our best photos from that region, tell a few stories, eat some regional food and drink some appropriate alcoholic beverages.

We test-drove our first slideshow last night for a very few friends. Pretentiously titled Euro 2012 Retrospective: Istria, it was just a look back at our first month. We landed in Portugal a year ago this week, spent three glorious weeks in Lisbon and another week in the north. We then flew to Barcelona, where we spent five days before meeting friends from home in Germany. (Since we were in Spain for such a short time, we lumped it together with Portugal for slideshow purposes; demanem disculpes, barcelonins.)

Our friend Greg hooked us up with a projector; David whipped up some incredible tapas; and I put the slides in order and uncorked the vinho verde. (Spanish food and Portuguese wine? It’s all about availability, my friends. We have a tapas cookbook and found vinho verde at Trader Joes. Done and done.)

All in all, an excellent evening. We’ve learned some things for the next event, a look back at Germany and a short five days in Brussels: Invite more people.  Book it for a Saturday night instead of a Sunday. Give people more notice. We got some feedback from our guinea pig attendees, too: Keep the stories coming. Don’t show more than 250 photos. Keep David in charge of making the food and Lori in charge of opening the wine. 😉

7 thoughts on “Slide into Portugal!

  1. Think i will go retro and start writing letters again. Or have hipsters made letters trendy 😉 Third attempt – finally, posting my comment worked! Hope David or Q did not have a story with ‘and we were having an awesome time in Barcelona, but then Christine …’ 🙂


    1. Not at all! In fact, the Barcelona section opened with a shot of Q, you, and me – sitting on the Gaudi bench, all smiles. (We didn’t say enough about the underground museum, since we didn’t have photos to go with it. So sad!)


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