ToDo’sDay – 12 March 2013

I’m making a list and checking it twice! And remember: If I put it on the list, it HAS to get done.

On to this week’s list:

  • HOME 
  • All tax papers tracked down and taken to the accountant. NOT DONE!
  • All the stuff that has accumulated beside my bed returned to appropriate locations. NOT DONE!
  • Continue to work systematically through any backlog; apologize when necessary. ONGOING!
  • Give thanks for the opportunity to serve each client. (This was really successful last week; it kept me positive.) DONE!
  • Learn about the Best Bet Diet for MS. DONE!
  • Wrap and deliver C & S’s wedding present… and dance at their wedding! DONE! 

Click here to see how I did on last week’s list!

And you? What are your must-do tasks for the week? Anything exciting? I can’t wait for the wedding, though I ordered a dress that now says it is going to be delivered on the date of the wedding. Wish me luck!

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