A little piece of my heart

I had all kinds of plans for the last couple of days.

I did not plan on punching a million little red hearts.

I have sore fingers. It takes about 8-10 minutes to punch enough hearts to fill one little bag of wedding confetti. I need to fill 80.

Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “A little piece of my heart

  1. Thought for a moment that you and David were on a retreat for married couples. That you were doing an anger management workshop. Hundreds of red hearts are not stuck on a punching bag … Symbols of the minor + major hurts, angry moments during your courtship and marriage 😉 am not usually superstitious, but i hope somebody will add a tiny bit of salt or bless the little red hearts with holy water 🙂


  2. Confetti was originally rice, to bring good luck, (and fertility), to a newly married couple??? Hope the marriage has peace, contentment, love, resilience and fidelity. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 🙂


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