ToDo’sDay – 19 March 2013

IMG_20130319_222231Let’s pretend that last week’s list said the following:

  • Learn about the Best Bet Diet for MS. DONE!
  • Wrap and deliver C & S’s wedding present. DONE!
  • Punch one million red confetti hearts to shower the bride and groom. DONE!
  • Develop a repetitive stress injury from punching, deputize helpers to wield the punches, and resort to using Deb’s Cricut myself. DONE!
  • Keep on making and bagging hearts all the way up to the moment of the wedding. In the backseat of the car. Desperate times call for desperate measures. DONE!
  • Arrive at the 5 pm wedding at 4:59 pm. (Not in the dress I ordered, which did not come on time. So sad!) DONE!
  • Dance like crazy at the reception! DONE!

I was very successful at that list and got everything on it done. Good job, me!

So the whole “If it goes on the list, it must get done” thing didn’t really pan out this week. But it’s a new week, now, and a fresh start! I can get all these things done! Whoo hoo!

And you? What are your must-do tasks for the week? Do you save up errands and run them all at once, like I do?

2 thoughts on “ToDo’sDay – 19 March 2013

  1. Hey Lori. Lots of fun to be enjoyed at the wedding 🙂 glad you had a great time. Regarding my ‘Things to do list’, please see the private message i sent you today on facebook … Christine


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