I have very good friends

Just in case I don’t say so often enough, my friends are awesome.

They put up with me when I am forgetful. They keep in contact with me when I am bad about communication. They listen to me when I am hurting.

They also visit with me when we are happy, laugh with me when we are funny, and rejoice with me when good things happen.

I am so very lucky.

Wednesday night, I sat with my friend Lorraine trying to puzzle out why I am so negligent about returning texts and calls and emails from my friends. Part of it is lack of habit or routine: I don’t always check my messages regularly. Part of it is overwhelm: I get so many messages, I often lose track of whom I’ve gotten back to and whom I have not. And part of it is some twisted kind of motivation: I tell myself that I can’t call a friend or see a friend until I get such-and-such done first.


I wonder why I have kept myself from something so uplifting and positive as support from my friends… and have done it in the name of doing something “more important.” I know that finding homes for the stacks of books next to my bed is not more important than meeting a friend for a glass of wine and a chat. I know that clearing the paperwork off the table isn’t the be-all and end-all of life. I know that I would be much happier sitting and visiting with the people I care about. So…

What am I going to do about it? I think I will set a goal of getting together with people at least twice in the next week. No excuses, no plans-I-have-to-complete-first. Just friends, just because.

Hooray! This sounds great!

Are you good about making time for your friends? Do you set all kinds of conditions on yourself before you can have fun? Do tell.

2 thoughts on “I have very good friends

  1. Maybe it’s making the choices that best nourishes, nurtures + supports our essential selves … Women can decide to be matyrs, spending longer on their respective cross than JC did on his Cross … An eighty-something retired teacher, said to me that Jesus spent a lot of his time ‘partying’ 😉 New Testament was her source! Apart from preaching, teaching and miracles, loads of time was spent with friends and strangers eating, telling stories and drinking wine 🙂


  2. BTW: The Curse of Lovely is a fun self-help book that may empower Joan of Arc types to get out of the bonfire, before they are burnout 🙂 lol (co-dependent, addicted to being nice etc).


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