Walk MS success!

Walk MS 2013 - Lori & KatelynWe got up bright and early on April 13th, ready to hit the streets to raise funds for MS research. It was a family reunion of sorts! My sister-in-law, Heidi, got there first with my niece, Kaitlin. My cousins Craig, Katie and Kelly were also on the team, along with Kelly’s husband Keith and their seven-month-old, Katelyn. Quinland had rounded up her friends Molly and Emma, too, so our official count was 10 walkers (and a stroller).

When you check in for the Walk, you are offered colored beads to wear: orange if you have a family member with MS, blue if you have a friend with MS, and purple if you have MS yourself. Instead of race numbers, there were piles of blank ones that said “I’m running for…” It was so amazing to have my friends and family around me and to see “LORI,” “My cousin Lori,” and “My Mom.” Mine said I was running for “MYSELF – and for a breakthrough in treatment for PPMS.”

In the chilly pre-race time, we nibbled on the granola bars and bananas that were so kindly provided by the race sponsors and passed baby Katelyn around from arm to arm. She is the most expressive baby, all big eyes and long eyelashes, and so cuddly!

The Walk, I must admit – and for this I am very thankful – was pretty much a Stroll. We MSers, while an intrepid lot, are not as a group known for being fleet of foot. I was very fleet of lips, though, as I got in some serious chatting time with my family along the way. They are – every one of them – AWESOME, and it kills me that we don’t see each other more. This. Must. Change. And now that I have proclaimed that to one and all, it shall.

I was the last of our team – of course – to cross the finish line. I have no idea what I am shouting, but by that point I was just feeling fantastic. Not physically – I think you can tell I was dragging the bad leg, and I felt pretty wonky for a few days – but I was hyped up.

MS Walk 2013 - Lori at finish lineWe finished the morning with an early lunch at Laughing Planet, with healthy food, healthy conversation, and a healthy dose of babytime.

We’ve already started strategizing for next year. We’ll get a more MS-appropriate name! We’ll wear costumes! Tutus! We’ll have balloons! Signs! I don’t know if we’ll do any or all of that, but it was fun to look at the other teams and see what they had come up with to promote themselves.

The most important thing to do, of course, is thank everyone who joined our team, everyone who donated to Walk MS on behalf of our team, and all those who volunteered to make the day such a success.  (Look at those folks cheering me across the finish line! I’m sure they were cold, but they never missed a beat.) Thank you, thank you all!

xo – Lori

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letting go of some dreams

As it does so often, aspirational clutter is rearing its ugly head. So many of the boxes I need to sort through are filled with stuff I have been saving for “someday.”

  • Someday I will get to that quilt project.
  • Someday those empty journals will come in handy.
  • Someday, Quinland will decide she wants to a) dress like a pioneer; b) dress in my 80s drop-waist jumpers; or c) dress in … well, a dress.

I need to get honest with the fact that the first two “somedays” – quilting and journaling – are under my control… but I do not have control of what Quinland will do someday.

She may want to wear a dress in the future, but she may never want to wear one again. She will never, EVER, want to wear my old cotton jumpers, though they did come from Brass Plum at Nordstrom and one has the cutest lace collar. She just won’t. Nor will anyone else, probably. (I will never fit into them again, or I’d be parading around like it was 1986 in a heartbeat.)

This all came to a head about a week ago. My friend Deb was over and noticed that – in the wall of boxes currently stacked outside my bedroom – I had a box labeled “80’s drop-waist jumpers.” Yes, a boxful. (Am I excused if I point out that it was neatly organized and labeled?)  We dug in. Deb discovered that she had personally handmade half of the jumpers back in our college days, and we had a bit of reminiscing over each one. She took one jumper to use as fabric for a future project and then advised that I take photos of the rest and get rid of them. They sat out for this entire week before I have decided this afternoon that she was right. I’ll take a photo or two, and the jumpers can go.

The pioneer stuff is another story. I mean, there has got to be a way I can get that child to wear a coordinating sunbonnet with me, no?

What are you embarrassed to admit that you have saved?  Any long-cherished dreams that you have to admit will never be fulfilled? Comment and commiserate!

save the date!

How often do you get together with your friends?

Is it enough to watch each other’s Facebook statuses, get the occasional email, or bump into each other and lament the fact that you hardly get together anymore?

I think not. I want to see the people I care about. I want to talk with them, laugh with them, eat with them… and I’m not opposed to drinking with them, either. But, as I mentioned, I am had been terrible about actually making the call and setting something up.

I have decided to make a plan with someone every week for the month of May. I’ve already got the first two weeks booked: I’m going to Boston with my sister next week, and going out with my friends Lorraine and Donna Lyn the week after. National Scrapbook Day I’ll get a whole day with Deb. By then, I’ll be able to go out to dinner with my dad!

Get in touch with me soon; I have a calendar to fill.

I’m so looking forward to May!