Save the date!

How often do you get together with your friends?

Is it enough to watch each other’s Facebook statuses, get the occasional email, or bump into each other and lament the fact that you hardly get together anymore?

I think not. I want to see the people I care about. I want to talk with them, laugh with them, eat with them… and I’m not opposed to drinking with them, either. But, as I mentioned, I am had been terrible about actually making the call and setting something up.

I have decided to make a plan with someone every week for the month of May. I’ve already got the first two weeks booked: I’m going to Boston with my sister next week, and going out with my friends Lorraine and Donna Lyn the week after. National Scrapbook Day I’ll get a whole day with Deb. By then, I’ll be able to go out to dinner with my dad!

Get in touch with me soon; I have a calendar to fill.

I’m so looking forward to May!

7 thoughts on “Save the date!

  1. I did not mean that your life is a full stop 😉 or even a dash, as in 1914 – 1996 on a headstone! Phone died last night in the middle of doing my comment on what is meaningful in life, so all you got was a dot 🙂


  2. Work that you love and people that you love, in your life, then you are on your path to happiness, to paraphrase some writer. Internet is good to keep in touch, but my opinion is, that as social beings, we need to meet friends and family that nurture us, support us, etc in the real world 🙂


    1. You do a very good job of it, too. I am always seeing you at the Cafe or Weavers, having a meal with someone. Perhaps if I had such good friends – and places to dine! – within walking distance. Hmm… you will have to come and open a cafe right near me.


  3. Lori and Gina. Hope that you both enjoy a fantastic time in Boston. I gather that there’s a lot of Irish-American bars in Boston, so Lori might be able to introduce her sis to Guinness. If there’s a guided tour of the neighbourhoods, where Departed was filmed, that could be fun! Enjoy 🙂


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