99 things – #1 through #5

I stumbled upon an interesting blogging game the other day. (Edit: I am informed by Quinland that this is not a game, but a meme.)  You are given a list of 99 things, and you bold the ones you’ve done, elaborating on them if you so wish. You know I will so wish; in fact, to keep it manageable, I am going to answer five at a time.

Here we go! If you were involved in any of these, feel free to add facts or correct my memory. I’m in search of photographic evidence, so check back for that.

1. Started your own blog – Why, yes… yes, I have. In fact, starting blogs seems to be my modus operandi. I started my first blog (Breathe. Release. Repeat.) when I first got diagnosed with MS, to help me simplify my life. It transmogrified into my next blog (Lighten Up!) as I decided to let go of more and more things. I merged these into my third blog (Get Started…Go!), which was my attempt to kickstart myself into getting stuff done. (Let’s not even think about all the blogs I have started and then deleted without ever posting, just because I didn’t like the name, or the ones that only saw two or three posts before going down in flames.) See? I’m an excellent blog-starter. This one, however, is a keeper.

2. Slept under the stars – I’ve done this, but the only time I can really remember was back at our old house in Tualatin. It was insanely hot (as it gets in July/August here in Portland) and we didn’t have A/C. We took little Quinland and slept on unzipped sleeping bags in our backyard. Mind you, we lived on a corner lot with a little waist-high fence, so it wasn’t all that private, but it was definitely cooler than sleeping in the house… in both senses of the word.

3. Played in a band – Do you mean played in the band? As in the high school marching band? Or the high school symphonic band? Then yes, I most certainly did. Band-o. Band Geek. Flute player, and not a particularly dedicated one, at that. Other people took private lessons and spent time striving to be First Chair; I spent my time hanging out with friends and ogling the cute drummers.

4. Visited Hawaii – Guess what?! I visited Hawaii with the band! Funny how those things showed up right next to each other. It was my freshman year. We earned money by selling candy bars and doing a 50-mile bike-a-thon. We went to Honolulu, Kona, and Hilo. Our band director did the hula at a luau. The best thing? I was there with two of my closest friends, Amy and Karisa. The worst thing? Karisa and I had a falling out right at the end of the trip. It was almost certainly my fault (though I didn’t know it at the time), and it ruined one of the most wonderful friendships I’ve ever had. I still regret that, thirty-two years later.

5. Watched a meteor shower 
– This may be the most recent one on the list. We saw a meteor shower in August 2011, in my husband David’s sister Lynette’s boyfriend Joe’s mom and dad’s backyard.

Off to a great start – I’m 5 for 5. Stay tuned for more…

One thought on “99 things – #1 through #5

  1. 1. No interest.
    2. Yes. Christy’s backyard. Until it got too cold in our Barbie sleeping bags.
    3. Does that mean participated WITH the band? Why, then, yes! Our dance team did our routines to the band’s marching tunes.
    4. Twice. Once to be Janet’s Best Woman in her wedding.
    5. Hmm, I can’t remember. I’ll have to go to your husband’s sister’s boyfriend’s parent’s house. Or is that parentses house?


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