5 things you should know about me

1. I’m just a regular girl doing regular things. Not a supermom (or a supermodel), just the sort of person you’d meet in the checkout line. In fact, we may have met already! Because…

2. I can talk to anyone. I do talk to everyone, too, much to my 14-year-old son’s embarrassment. To paraphrase one of my college professors, I did not attend the School for the Shy. Now I am talking to you, too – hooray!

3. With me, there is no mystery. This now-famous family quote is considered quite the understatement. I tend to do most of my thinking out loud, so everyone pretty much knows everything about me. Yep – I was born to be a blogger.

4. I can be “Little MS Cranky.” I’ve got Multiple Sclerosis, and there are things about it that drive me ever-so-slightly insane. There may be TMI in those posts (that’s “Too Much Information,” Dad), so if you want the whole scoop, I’ll make you click through to keep reading.

5. Howard Jones and I agree: Things can only get better. I am all about improvement, so I tend to switch things up regularly. You may arrive here one day and find it looking very different. I may decide to implement some new scheme or another. Just count on change and enjoy the process along with me. Now – let’s go!

reduce. reuse. recycle.

I’m a serial blog-maker; in the past two years, I have started 13 blogs. Most of them did not even make it into the light of day, as I rejected them after attempting to write a never-posted post or two.

A couple of my blogs have had longer lives (going through various permutations). Each time, though, I was trying to blog for the wrong reason. I had decided to motivate myself to do one thing or another, and I saw blogging as a way to record my accomplishments.

There were some problems with this. Because I was less… ahem… “accomplished” at some times than at others, my posting schedule would vary wildly. I would end up resenting the blog at times when I wasn’t successful. Mostly, though, no blog seemed to reflect all facets of me, and I felt like Cinderella’s stepsister trying to cram myself into that glass slipper.

So… here we are. A new blog for a new time. A blog where I am free to be myself, and – no matter what I do – just telling my own story will equal success.

And this time, I am going to go green.

reduce. I am actually going to shut down the other blogs at some point. I want this blog to be my one and only. But first, I am going to…

reuse. I really liked a lot of the content I’ve written in the past, so I am going to bring a bunch of it on over. My apologies if you have seen it, and hooray! if it is new to you. It will be nice to have it all in one place.

recycle. If I do repost old content, I’ll let you know. I’ll probably put something like “This was previously posted over at blahblahblah.com back in May of 1846.” If your memory is sharp, you’ll know to skip ahead; if you are more like me, you’ll be rediscovering these posts as if for the first time!