99 things – #6 through #10

I found a list of 99 things, and I will be bolding the ones I’ve done and explaining a bit about each. Because I have a tendency to yammer on, I am doing 5 of the 99 at a time. (Again, if anyone reading was involved in any of these, feel free to add facts or correct my memory… and I’ll keep looking for photos.)

#1 through#5 are here.

6. Given more than you can afford to charity – I’m sorry to say I haven’t done this yet… and at the same time, I’m certainly blessed that I have been able to afford to give what I have given and not had it hurt. I’m wary of the practice of going into debt to help others.

7. Been to Disneyland – Hey, I’m Orange County born and raised! Of course I have been to Disneyland. I have marched in parades in Disneyland (with the band!); I have learned about every fact-or-fiction Disneyland fatality; I have been behind the scenes, too. When I was 16, I went to Disneyland for the day with my cousin Catherine. We were messing around on Tom Sawyer’s Island, chasing and trying to hide from each other. I made a split-second (stupid) decision to run INTO the EXIT of Injun Joe’s Cave. I was running through, neatly dodging all the people coming the other way, when I heard Catherine coming after me. I ducked into a little side-cavern on my left… except that I didn’t make it into the cavern. Instead, I slammed face-first into a low-hanging rock that I couldn’t see. (It wasn’t lit because nobody was supposed to be approaching it from that side.) I knocked myself down (and possibly out), got up eventually and stumbled outside. I had split my head open right across my eyebrow, and I was bleeding pretty badly. We had to suffer the indignity of crossing to the “mainland” on the Huck Finn Keel Boats (which we derided as only for the infirm; anyone cool took Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes), and then I was escorted by a Cast Member back behind the scenes, where I was golf-carted to First Aid. They patched me up until my mom could take me to the doctor for stitches. In the meantime, of course, we went back into the park. Can’t let a day at Disneyland go to waste…

8. Climbed a mountain – I have felt like I was climbing mountains many, many times, but I can’t say that I have. Of course, as I am a Californian-turned-Oregonian, the term “mountain” is a pretty lofty one. I may have climbed an East Coast-sized mountain. Hard to say.

9. Held a praying mantis – Nope. I’ve never even seen one.

10. Sang a solo – For argument’s sake, I am not going to count karaoke or SingStar or singing in my car. But I definitely did sing a solo on stage in front of an audience once! It was in Ireland in 1988. My friend Deb and I were working as counselors at a St. Vincent dePaul camp for girls from inner-city Dublin. As part of the week, each counselor and her girls had to put on a skit. Ours was a take-off of Cinderella, and the girls nominated me (the exotic American) to be Cinderella. The girls wrote the whole play, which started with my solo: Tiffany’s version of “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Yep. I can still sing it. “Children behaaaave…”

Score: 7 out of 10. Stay tuned for more…

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