Celebrating two blogging years!

Ladies and gentlemen – it is my two-year blogiversary.

For fun – and because I spend way too much time sitting at my desk at work far into the evening – I made a little infographic for the occasion. I’ve never done this before, and it was such a kick! I got to figure out statistics and play with graphics – whoo hoo!

blogiversary 2

Looking back is quite a trip. Two years ago, things were crazy. The official cause of all my health problems had just been changed from Transverse Myelitis to Multiple Sclerosis. I was scared. I felt like I had to get my life in order… and fast.

I decided to release everything that was holding me down. I spent the first few months of the blog releasing hard stuff and coming to terms with my diagnosis. I analyzed all my addictions: BooksMagazinesPaper. I looked at the reasons behind why I clung to things I didn’t even use, why I wanted so many answers. I tried to get honest with myself.

Slowly but surely, I truly began simplifying my life. We turned our entire main floor into a giant garage sale. We brought so many boxes of things to Goodwill, the guy doing our taxes was thrown for a loop. We purged and purged, but finally got things back into order.

The blog started to morph at this point. I really had gotten rid of most of the physical things that were messing up my life, and I was ready to move forward with other things I wanted to do. We left in March 2012 for a six-month family trip to Europe, one that we’d been saving for forever, and the whole MS thing really lit a fire under us.

We’ve had some fun, too. I’ve dressed up as Ben Franklin (not a very big stretch, mind you), done an entire series on our Christmas traditions, and just enjoyed ourselves.

I’m going to make this third year even better – more posts, more interaction with all of you. Feel free to comment on anything and everything, as comments make my day. Last year, I asked you to tell me a little about yourself. This year, let’s talk FUN: If you could have an adventure anywhere, where would you go? I think I’d go on a cruise and pamper myself. Mmmmm…

4 thoughts on “Celebrating two blogging years!

  1. I want to take a cruise in Queensland, Australia, my dream vacation. Have a baby. Tim and I are going to see a geneticist this year. My OBGYN thinks I can but of course with help. My Pulmonologist says no. I feel the need to try any way. I feel like when I am older I will look back and go why didn’t I. I think if it does affect my health it would be worth it to have a baby that I made. so why not try. If it doesnt work there are other avenues to try. These are my goals for the next year.

    Oh and I also need to plan a trip to Portland on a Friday to go to Lunch with Lori and Ina.


    1. Yes, lunch! Hooray! Ina would love it since she missed you last time, and I would love it because I miss you all the time.

      I really want to go to Australia, too. My mom was born there, so I have all sorts of relatives I’ve never met. The one I have met – my cousin Clare, who lives in London – is awesome, so I’d love to meet her family.

      Now, as far as the baby vs health debate: only you can decide what is important to you. You have your mom as an example of a) what an awesome baby you could make, and b) what it could do to your health, so you have a pretty good grasp of the possibilities. You just have to make the choice that is right for you and Tim.


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