Watching my weight

Yes, ladies and gents, I have joined Weight Watchers after a 6-year hiatus.

It’s high time. I have not been at a healthy weight since pre-pregnancy days, for it is 15 years ago this month that I entered the hospital at 5 feet 3 inches tall and 203 lbs.*

(* not a healthy weight for my height)

I would prefer not to reach that weight again, so I decided to nip my bad habits in the bud. What are those bad habits, you ask?

  • Inactivity. I lost 30 lbs in six months when we were in Europe, eating anything I pleased. This was because we spent a huge part of each day walking. Even if we took public transit, we still walked back and forth from our apartment – to whatever church, cloister or museum we were visiting – and all around the town. It was awesome. We were comparing ourselves to a certain special family we know that walks all over Portland. We were that proud of ourselves. Then we came home. I returned to my desk job and completely stopped all forms of activity… and I have put almost all that weight back on.
  • Bad eating habits. I am like a “What Not to Do” of eating habits. I skip breakfast. I snack mindlessly. I eat candy whenever candy is available. I eat too many of my calories too close to bedtime.
  • Portion distortion. I have an evil obsession I call Food Fairness. If there is anything particularly tasty in the house, I believe that it should be shared equally among all members of the family… and I get a little testy if I feel that anyone is consuming more than their fair share. (Petty, isn’t it? I know. I’m not proud of it; I just know I do it.) But let’s face it: I am the smallest member of the family (or I ought to be). David is 6′ 6″; Quinland is rapidly approaching 5′ 9″. I shouldn’t get the exact same amounts they get. I need less, and I need to accept it.

Weight Watchers should help “cure” all these bad habits of mine. I will need to eat at regular times, weigh and measure my food, keep track of everything I eat and drink, and exercise regularly. I’m very excited by a new twist in the latest WW plan: all fruits (and most veggies) are zero points, Whoo hoo! This will make things a lot easier for me as I love fruit.

So that’s my story. My WW meetings are on Mondays, and I’ll try to keep you abreast of my fantastic success. I expect the next weigh in to be astounding; I spent this past weekend eating junk and drinking alcohol, so any improvement in my behavior has got to show on the scale!

4 thoughts on “Watching my weight

  1. I cannot recommend these two things highly enough: Sweet Potatoes and Bob’s Red Mill Organic Rolled Oats with almond milk. I have no idea how many points they are on weight watchers. But they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo filling and very healthy. Call me for easiest ever “recipes” (aka instructions that are basically one step) for these. They fill you up, like, you can’t eat candy even if you wanted to, and I have lost 8 pounds eating both nearly every day. GOOD FOR YOU!! This is our year to lose weight, sis 🙂


    1. I am with you 100% on the sweet potatoes, which are seriously nature’s candy. I love them. Now I’ll have to go down to see Bob at his Red Mill (which is just outside Portland, did you know that?) and get some Rolled Oats. Yumyumyum,,,


  2. I do not have self control when it comes to food especially junk food. Tim and I do not keep it in the house. We don’t eat bread so that one was easy. No chips, no soda (we don’t drink soda anyway) no crackers, no candy bars, no snack foods. If you don’t buy it you wont be tempted to eat it. It worked for us to eat healthier. I love chips and could eat a whole bag in one sitting so I do not buy them. If it isn’t in the pantry I am not tempted. Try not buying junk food. And Good Luck with WW.


    1. David is a lot like you guys – he says his willpower starts at the store. My willpower needs to start with avoiding Daver, the Mountain Man! I’ve been trying to stick to almonds from him, though, which has helped.

      Halloween has killed me. We didn’t even crack the candy open until Halloween itself, but we didn’t get many kids and so we had tons of candy left over. Very bad for Lori… I must have eaten 20 little Tootsie Rolls tonight, even after I was sick of them. Very bad idea.

      I have been using your Progresso soup idea at work, which has been really good for keeping me full on very few Weight Watchers points! Now I just need to show that I can get the same results that you did, skinny girl!


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