Meeting Junie B. Jones

I got to share one of my past adventures the other day; now, here’s a blast from the past for Q.

Junie B Jones Stupid Smelly Bus

In 2004, the summer before she turned six, Quinland visited David’s mom and sister in Arizona all on her own. That was the inaugural year of the June B. Jones Stupid Smelly Bus Tour, and for an almost-kindergartner like Quinland, meeting Junie B. was an exciting prospect.

Junie B Jones performance stage

The actress who played Junie B. gave a live theatrical performance and opened her Big Pink Trunk of Junk, showing the kids all sorts of recognizable things from her books, like her stuffed elephant and the floaty ball from the toilet.

June B Jones Pink Trunk

Afterwards, Quinland got an awesome T-shirt and a chance to meet the actress who played  Junie B. Jones herself.

Junie B Jones T-shirt

There was a long line to meet the actress who played Junie B., but Quinland waited patiently. (Far more patiently than she waited for John and Sherry from Young House Love when they came to Portland!)

Junie B Jones

Afterwards, the actress who played Junie B. pointed Q to where Barbara Park, the author, was signing autographs.

June B Jones with Q Junie B Jones author Barbara Park 

Then Q and Grammelie Groo cuddled up to read her new book.

Junie B Jones Q reading with Gramma

I love these pics of Quinland out by the bus. In the first one, she looks so excited, and in the second, she looks like one tough cookie. (That one is currently my desktop wallpaper at work.)

Junie B Jones Q with cheesy grin Junie B Jones Q by bus

As a sad footnote to the story, this was the T-shirt Quinland was wearing when she fell off a bunk bed a couple of months later and broke her arm horribly. She had no pulse in her arm, so she required immediate surgery… and they had to cut the shirt off of her. We did save a piece as a reminder of her fun day, but she was sooo disappointed!

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